Urgent/Quick Translation Help Needed!

Hi, there.

I’m sending out an e-mail to all our members, but I don’t know which recipients understand English. So I can find out, I need to start the e-mail with something like ‘This is Sean from AnimalsTaiwan. If you would prefer to receive these e-mails in Chinese, please reply with XXXX in the subjectline and all future e-mails will be in Mandarin.’

Could someone so a quick translation for me. :blush: I know it’s cheeky, but it is for a good cause. :wink: Feel free to word the intro in whatever way you feel is best (XXXX can be changed to something that makes sense in Chinese, of course.)

Hope someone can help soon.

Thank you!



Hey, thanks a million, Chicken. :notworthy:

That will really help us.

Of course, I’m trusting you that is says what I think it says, and not "Sean from AnimalsTaiwan invites you to a kitten bake’ or similar. :astonished: :wink:

Have a great weekend!