Urgent: Taichung GogoShan shelter property sold


Dear friends who care about animals,
It has been announced that the property at GogoShan has been sold and the remaining 12 dogs are soon to be homeless. This is not really such a surprise and they have been prepared for this, but it has sped up the process and made it critical that we get enough money and/or homes for the remaining dogs.

Please check the website for further information.

How you can help:

  1. money! money! money! I hate to ask for money, but the budget for sending the dogs is about 6,000 US or 180,000 NT.
  2. adopt a dog from the shelter. For every dog that doesn’t have to be sent to our rescue friends in Seattle, we will save money. Check the pics and see if anyone catches your eye.
  3. volunteer as a fund-raiser at one of our events, or contact Chris Ward and ask him when he needs you.
  4. Fly a dog. If you or anyone you know is flying to Seattle in the next month, please take along a dog as extra baggage. Someone will take the dogs to the airport, help you through the process, and someone will meet you at Sea-Tac airport. It’s easy (I have done this myself with 2 dogs last summer).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me (here or douglas@taichungpaws.org) or Chris Ward (here on FB or ask me for his e-mail or number).

Make a difference. Change a life for an animal today.