Urgent! Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Taichung?


My wife has her ARC and we are both living in Dou-liou, Yunlin County, Taiwan. She is working and I am not. I heard that I need to apply in Taichung for a Resident Visa before my 3 month transit visa expires.

I also heard that I need to bring a list of documents with me including a valid health exam sheet. It expires tomorrow (11/12) and tomorrow is when I’m trying to go up there. I hope it’s still okay since it expires tomorrow.

I can’t find the address or phone number for the office in Taichung.

It would be helpful if someone could send me the address and phone number.

Thank you.

Taipei Economic and Cultural Offices aren’t found in Taiwan. You need a branch of the Foreign Affairs Police.

Try this:
Foreign Affairs Division, Taichung City Police Bureau
588, Sec. 2,Wenshin Road, Taichung
(04) 2327-3875

But before going all the way in to Taichung, you may wish to call the Foreign Affairs Police in Yunlin at (05) 532-9033.

Good luck.