Urgent tax refund - The "Once in Five Years" one

Does anyone know if this facility still exists? I have been told that you can get your taxes done if you are leaving before year-end, and any refund will be sorted out in a week or so. This is supposed to allow foreigners who are leaving Taiwan to pay taxes/get a refund in before they leave. However, no one (including the tax office) seems to know about it. I’ve seen it in writing before, and I know people who have done it, but where does one go for the info/procedure?

Anyone know?


Is there any other Taiwan expat forum I might be able to get an answer for this? I’ll be going to the tax office to ask as well, but my past enquiries have just resulted in them saying “yes you can do your taxes, but you won’t get the refund until long after you’ve left.” Not very helpful.

I suppose if I ask a tax accountant they are not going to know, not having dealt with foreigners?

Is there any such thing as a tax agent which can give me the money up from (minus his cut) and then receive the refund when it comes through?

Sorry, but the tax office does have the last say… you’re most likely just going to have to wait for that refund.

My experience with government bodies here suggests that they are always wrong and right at the same time. Keep asking the tax office until you get someone who has heard of the law or is willing to talk to you. They’re only bureaucrats, and it’s much easier for them to say “meiyou banfa” or “buzhidao” than actually do anything. If you keep at it you might wear them down. I know the facility for doing your taxes on the spot is available to foreigners leaving Taiwan for good, but you will probably need a copy of the regulation in your hand. Probably need to see an accountant or tax agent that deals with foreigners, as nobody still here is likely to know about this.

There is no answer to this question on Forumosa. However there is a hint at an answer on Tealit:


[quote]Refund Checks

The tax year runs from January to December. Your taxes for this year are filed during May of the next year. Refunds become available by late November.

Q: I got here in January, I’m leaving in December… how can I get my money if taxes are filed in May of NEXT year?

A: You need to find a friend who is a Taiwanese citizen. Ask your job’s accounting office to prepare your Earnings Statement for you (see below). Go to your local tax office. Bring your passport, your ARC and the earnings statement from your job. When you go to the office they will ask you to fill out a form and you can calculate your refund on the spot based upon the Earnings Statement you’ve given them. Then, they will process it and send you a check. If you’re in Taipei, the check will be available within one week. If you’re outside of Taipei, it takes longer. They will send the check to your friend. Additionally, you friend’s name will be attached to filing. Should you owe any other taxes, your friend would be responsible.[/quote]