Urgent! Watch Rugby in Taipei

Where is the best place to watch sports tv, especially rugby, in Taipei?

DV8? Where is that?


Hope you find somewhere. I’m off to watch Ireland get slaughtered by Australia.

For rugby or soccer, you could also try “The Tavern”, which is near the World Trade Centre building (XinYi and Keelung Rds). Check out their website for match programmes:


I have to say that despite having heard some stories about the owner (Michelle) being a little erratic (i.e. inhospitable), The Tavern always has great food as well as reasonably-priced drinks. Plus, the pool and fussball are free, the toilets are clean, and there’s fewer alcohics there than at DV8.

The spread that “The Baboons” (Taipei’s expat rugby team) organised at The Tavern a month ago for the Aussie Rules final was great!

Although I haven’t yet been there, I believe “Sean’s Irish Pub” at the Westin Hotel also shows matches, but it’s a little expensive.

Hope this helps,

The Big Babou.
ps: If you really have to go, DV8’s just around the corner at the end of YangKang St (if you’re walking away from XinYi Rd) in the Ta-An area.

Hi Babou


Actually, it wasn’t for me (you wouldn’t have guessed :wink: would you?). A South-African guy I met on the street was desperately looking for a place to watch Rugby. He’s left for DV8. I found the place in my Lonely Planet, gave him a map and sent him on the MRT.

I’ll tell him about the other places next time.


I would to take this opportunity to point out that Ireland beat Australia in a rugby match today for the first time in 23 years. The next time this happens I will be 53, so I am off the the pub for a week.