Urgent -- WCIF a dentist on a Sunday?

SO…it’s Saturday night and my tooth just decided to pop out of my mouth…so…now what. It’s not even a crown, or a filling…its my TOOTH! Sigh…what next. Hoping my boobs are next:)

any idea of a dentist open on SUndays? :wall:

Are you in Xindian? If not, tell us where you are.
You’ll have to call to see if this one is open:
Xindian, Bao3qiao2 Rd., #63
TEL: (02)29142667

Anyway, this info might be stale, but AFAIK if you want to re-implant the original tooth you need to keep it alive, and get to a hospital emergency room if no dentist is open; they might be able to call a dentist to come in:
* Touch the tooth as little as possible and only by the crown (the part you chew with)
* Clean the tooth with milk or if possible your own saliva
* Try to place the tooth back into cavity, bite down on gauze or a tea bag to hold in place, or at least put it in a small container with milk or your own saliva.
* Get to medical assistance immediately, time is of the essence to ensure successful re-implantation.
That’s what I read, anyway. :idunno:

wow…sounds hectic…no, the tooth was on its way out anyways…I think only an eight of it was still my original tooth!!! Unfortunately my folks fed me Coca cola and candy 24-7 and we had a dentist that hollowed out our teeth. Darnit…I should just get dentures.

thanks for the info! Luckily it’s not hurting so I will hold out till tomorrow…I will remember the info though…sure another one will fall out soon:) Malnourised South-African… :roflmao:

Most dentists in my area -Tapinglin MRT Station- are open on Sundays -like 5 per block! Dentway (one of the biggish, newest, cleanest ones) is OK, with English speaking staff. They have an emergency number.

Tzu Chi had also English speaking dentists, or at least the ones I had for my physical were. Since they take your Taiwanese Social Security card, then the consultation is still reasonably priced -300 nt up.