Urgent: WCIF Ormilak for kittens, central or eastern Taibei?

Urgent: Has anyone seen Ormilak (specifically) for newborn kittens at a local pet shop or vet in central or eastern Taibei? We can get other brands easily but Ormilak comes with a bottle that has a vastly superior nipple than the ones we can get locally. The last time we reared day-old kittens they consistently rejected the larger, harder nipples on the smallest feeding bottles we could find at local shops; the Ormilak freebee had a smaller, softer nipple that they would accept readily. We’ve got new rescues today but the old nipple has disintegrated, as unstable latex rubber is wont to do.

Just called Top Vet, they have it. Lonyan St and Minquan.

Thanks! :notworthy: Where is that? I mean, Lonyan?

Close to Rongxing Park, between Jienguo and Fuxing, behind Zhoingshan High School MRT Station.

EDIT: I take it it’s this one on Long2jiang1 Rd.?

太僕動物醫院 (台北) 台北市龍江路260號,TEL: (02)2517-0902

Should be. Don’t have the card here but the first character is dragon, yes.

Call 02-2517-0902

Got it, thanks! :notworthy: