URGENT! - Where do I change NT->GBP - TWN or HK?

Hi guys!

I’m leaving, at short notice, to the UK probably forever, TOMORROW (Tuesday, 13th August). I have about 250,000NT I need to change.

Problem 1
The withdrawal limit is 120,000 a day. I reached that today (Monday). I will have to do the rest tomorrow. Will that be after midnight or after 8-9 when the banks open?

Problem 2

My flight departs Taoyuan at 11:55. I can’t change it. I transfer at Hong Kong to my flight to the UK.

So I need to withdraw and change the money tomorrow.

Solution 1

I withdraw the last 120,000 from an ATM at the airport in Taoyuan. I buy GBP at Taoyuan after I check in.

Solution 2
I withdraw the last 120,000 from an ATM at the airport in Taoyuan. I change it at HK.

Solution 3

I withdraw the money at a bank in Taoyuan City. Then take a Taxi to the airport and check in late ~10am.

What do the esteemed and knowledgeable posters at the great forumosa suggest?

Can’t you withdraw all of it at your bank, rather than through an ATM?

Whatever you do, change as much as you can in Taiwan. Outside of Taiwan, exchange rates for NT$ tend to be crappy. HK might be your second-best bet, though.

When i went to the foreign exchange counter the girl made me go to the ATM!

Should I go to my own branch? Can I go the branch in Taoyuan?

Does it matter if I check in at 10-11am (flight at 11:55)? Will I get crappy seats all the way to the UK?

Probably best to go to your own branch, and explain that you want to withdraw everything - more than the ATM limit.

sure but if i do that I have to be in Taichung at 8 or 9am when the banks open. THEN i have to get to Taoyuan airport to check in before 11:55. You think it’s doable? wise?

Most banks open at 9. That would be next to impossible to accomplish. Just do the ATM, although probably no airport exchange counter will want to exchange that much cash.

There’s a Bank of Taiwan in Nankan (most of the way to the airport from either Taipei or Taoyuan City) that is very used to exchanging money. It’s located on Nankan Rd., Section 1, if you’re taking a taxi.

In the end I did it at the airport, using the ATM. They were happy to exchange the cash, I just had to wait while they came up with it.