URLs from hotmail accounts

How do you get the ‘real’ URL form a link that comes from a Hotmail message. I posted a message with a link here that was copied from an e-mail in my hotmail, but when you click on it it says that you can’t read it because the hotmail has times out or something (like the link opened up in a hotmail window). I can’t find the real address.


I can’t get through to the URL you gave. Could you provide a different way into the page?

There is no URL!

Ok, that was in response to Brian’s ealier post. Brian, try right click (if available), then use the the link under “properties”.

No problem. Just give me your Hotmail username and password. I’ll take care of it for you. :laughing:

Tried that. Still get a hotmail address. Tried trimming bits off the front, same result.

Cranky’s too fast. My original post had a different topic and a link, but it didn’t work, and seeing as you can’t delete, I thought I’d use the space to ask this question.


Left click on the URL, select open in a new window and that should do it.
You can also cut and paste the URL into a search engine and look for another link to that page.