Urology Clinics (and PSA)?

I was torn between resurrecting one of two threads “A Sexy Testicular Cancer Check” or “Why does it hurt when I pee?” but decided to start a new one that goes direct to the point.

Are there any good urology clinics in Taipei? More specifically, to check prostate PSA and then manage healthcare afterwards? Heard about one on jianguo and Heping corner. Any others?

I suppose hospitals and specific doctors would be helpful also.

Same problem here.Seems like prostate enlargement and Im on my 20s.Sucks

Quick google search leads to this

This one is Xinzhuang
tph.mohw.gov.tw/english/mai … &no=0&sid=

This one looks good
english.tch.gov.taipei/ct.asp?xI … &mp=109012

And Taida yiyuan

I like the one on Jianguo and Heping corner. Been using them a few years. If things get bad, I’ll probably go to the Taipei Veterans Hospital in Tienmu which I’ve heard from my Taiwanese friends has the best prostate docs and surgeons.

台北榮民總醫院, No. 201, Section 2, Shipai Rd,

Last year when I was 49 I had a severe case of benign prostate enlargement (PSA). My treatment was first at a local small clinic, one of the few non- nose-specialized ones. I got correctly diagnosed with PSA and got a prescription for first one, then another Alpha-blocker. Yet there was no improvement at all, things got constantly worse and finally the business on the toilet got really difficult. The doc (actually 4 there) then started to say I would imagine things. Great diagnosis. :unamused:

Consequently I changed to the Tri-Service-Hospital in NeiHu finally trying out several doctors there. I was still on Alpha Blockers there and also got bladder-strength enhancing medicine. However things got constantly worse. And well, the doctors said I would imagine things and finally prescribed sedatives and even muscle relaxant :s As things went from worse to real bad I stopped taking all meds and finally had a temporary improvement. Most likely caused by the bladder getting less nervous. However things then worsened again and I had two emergencies at the ER-room.

All that time I had an internal prostrate scan (ultra sound) scheduled, but it was still 2 months away. Instead of speeding up things and giving me priority there over some smiling old dudes who just had a bit loss of pee strength I guess I permanently got the answers my prostate would only be a little bit enlarged (after feeling it) and I would imagine things. One doc mentioned I would be much too young for the problem.

That was when I explored different possible causes of the problem. As I had back pain by that time I ended up getting more muscle relaxant. Both times I had the ER-room visits for not being able to go about the business on the loo was when I took either the sedative or muscle relaxant. This is no rocket science: medicine relaxing muscles also relaxes the bladder, which is not good if you have PSA. One doctor really giggled in my face when he said I imagined things. And that after the ER-room emergency.

I then changed to the Ruentex private clinic in Taipei. Being on NHI I still could use my NHI card, but had to pay a lot extra. On a Thursday the doc there felt my prostate again and said immediately it would be much enlarged and given my ER-room visits an operation would be the only option. I got scheduled for the internal ultrasound the next day (the very thing I had been waiting for for months at the Tri-Service). Ultrasound confirmed a severe case of PSA with strongly constricted bladder. Operation was scheduled right the next Monday - chose laser surgery. I opted to have the surgery at the Chung-Shan hospital with the same doctor, as that was a cheaper option. As usual it took about 8 weeks for the benefits of the operation to kick in although the basic functionality was fine directly after the procedure.

In retrospective there was a fundamental difference between the unprofessional and unhelpful treatment at the Tri-Service hospital NeiHu and the professional and patient-focused treatment at Ruentex/Chung-Chan. Being giggled at and hearing to “imagine” the symptoms at the Tri-Service was a downright nightmarish experience and other patients should be warned. This was not the first bad experience I made at the Tri-Service.

Hell I had fantasies about peeing on the office door (or leg) of those moronic doctors at the Tri-Service after I got fixed a the other clinics. :wink:

Ruentex/Shu Tien clinic next to Daan-Park: http://www.shutien.org.tw/map.aspx
Chung-Shan hospital: http://www.csh.com.tw/

And if you want to be giggled at: Tri-Service Hospial NeiHu http://www.tsgh.ndmctsgh.edu.tw/en/eindex.asp (yeah, toilet problems of patients are damned funny, right? :discodance: )

Funny, I’ve been to both places for minor issues and has the same experiences at both.