US $100 Bills, 1996 series

Okay, someone owed me money and they sent me cash in 100USD bills. I went to a local bank to change the money to NT$ and the cashier told me that they do not accept 100USD bills made in 1996. I asked to speak to a manager. The manager politely explained that it was policy and that it was “unlikely” that I would be able to get the bills changed in ANY Southeast Asian country, if they were issued in 1996. Another bank told the same story. Of course, with my luck 3 out of 4 of the bills were made in 1996. Why aren’t they accepted? Counterfeit reasons? Is the whole thing a lie?

No, it’s probably not a lie - did they say 1996 or pre-1996? I vaguely remember this happening in Hong Kong a few years back. Basically, they’ll only accept the new ones (with Benjamin Franklin on them, I believe), because they’re regarded as more secure.

Most banks in Taipei won’t even accept ‘old’ Taiwanese money (as we found out when we arrived with stuff from 1998 or so) - given that logic it’s hardly surprising they won’t accept ‘old’ US currency.

Yeah, I know about Taiwan currency problems. I once had a couple of thousand NT$ that my then puppy ripped up. Only Taiwan Bank would exchange them for new ones. But, back to the point, the bills are the new kind, but maybe in Asia 8 years old is too old.

Did you ask the bank manager for an explanation?


Hmm, I think I have found the answer. Sorry for posting before looking harder :blush:

I guess this answers the question:

Read the posting on the bottom by wolf_reinhold. I guess there used to be many counterfeit 100USD bills from 1996.

My mother-in-law had the same problems with the older bills, not just the 1996 series. Basically she found it was just about impossible to use any of the older series bills. Only the newer ones with the larger off-center pictures would be accepted. Since it wasn’t that large an amount I helped her change them in the US.