US Address / Mail Forwarding Services


I want to do some online shopping in the US at stores that do not ship internationally.
Do any of you recommend any particular US Address / Mail forwarding services?
I am looking at MyUS and their rates look extremely good. Too good to be true…a 5lb box regardless of dimensions is under $50 USD to ship! Have any of you used them before?


You have family who lives in the US right?

I know there’s a service called Send my bag that is basically like airbnb but with luggage. You can send a 20kg bag to Taiwan for around 100 dollars. You could consider this option if you are going to order a lot of heavy things.


I have an account with MyUs and have used them a few times.


Did they ever do a bait and switch with shipping quotes? Tell you up front a cheap rate, but then when your package arrives at their facility they increase it significantly?


Not that I recall. Everything must have been on the up-and-up because I’ve continued to use them. I just checked my account and I see that I haven’t shipped anything with them since 2017.

I recall that when whatever I’m shipping arrives at their facility, I need to complete an online valuation form, and I’ll be given a choice of about 4 or 5 shipping methods. I have the option of them holding items (up to 30 days? I can’t remember right now) so that I can ship all at once.

Actually, right now I’m waiting for something to arrive at their facility to have shipped to me. I’m curious if the change in duty limits in the past couple of years will affect anything (this shipment is worth only about US$40).


Below is a screenshot of the shipping options available for my 0.7 lb. package that’s ready to ship via MyUs. The company I ordered from is in the US but doesn’t ship to Taiwan. However, they offer free shipping to the US for orders over $35, so MyUs is useful in these situations.