US Casualties from "Invasion of Formosa" 1945

Can anyone provide information and/or webpage links regarding US casualties suffered from the invasion(s) of Formosa during WWII?

I have found some references to US invasions (including bombing raids) in January, 1945, on the internet, but I have been unable to locate casualty figures.

Obviously the war ended after the US dropped the atomic bombs on Japan in August of that year. Hence, it seems to me that the period of US attacks against targets in Formosa can only have been in the period of January to July 1945.

I have read through Chapters 1 and 2 of “Formosa Betrayed”, however I did not see these casualty figures listed. One of my friends maintains that President Truman actually mentioned these figures (including US planes, ships, men, etc. lost in the quote-unquote battles for Formosa) in a speech one time, but for some reason I have not been able to locate the text of that speech either.

Any help, assistance, or direction which anyone could offer would be appreciated.
There’s some good links regarding ‘Formosa raids’ in here. Try a google search.