US children speaking in British accent after watching Peppa Pig


looney toons is classic, i actually find it sad that no one watches them anymore. they still played them on TV when i was a kid, but probably not anymore. same with flintstones, jetsons, tom and jerry.

best (english) cartoons for kids imo:

robotech (this counts since it’s substantially diff from macross/southcross/mospeda), transformers, he-man, gi-joe, batman, avatar, ducktales, tail spin, tiny toons, animaniacs, x-men, muppet babies, thundercats, looney toons, tom jerry, carmen san diego, scooby doo. rugrats, ferb, teen titans, and hey arnold i’ve heard are good but after my time.


Phineas and Ferb has both accents, although the British example is minimal. I’d thoroughly recommend it to parents, although Baljit is a bit of a stereotype.


I know what you mean.


Ha crazy fool :grinning:


Seriously? The show has good lessons to be learned from, its cute in nature, shows family unity, problem solving, funny and age appropriate without anything frightening or violent.

The Chinese dubbing and translation is crap. They completely change the tone and even the context of what is being said. The original English is way better and that is the only way it should be watched. Watching the Chinese version is like watching (listening to) a completely different show.


Yeah, seriously. Just do a Google search and you’ll see many articles about how Peppa Pig is not s good role model.
Most of them point similar points such as:

  • Lack of respect towards her parents and friends
  • Jumping on mud and dirty whenever there’s a chance
  • Doesn’t know how to lose
  • Bully and bossy are not uncommon behaviors

Just to be clear, I’m not saying that there are no lesson to be learned from this cartoon, but there are certainly better ones around. “Dora, The Explorer”, for example, is a great one. At minimum, kids will learn a second language that is not snort


Have you even watched the show? Peppa and the other characters go through NORMAL upsets that all kids go through. The show shows kids how to overcome those upsets. She never shows disrespect to her parents. Just normal sharing issues with siblings and friends and such.

She is a pig!

Again, normal lessons children learn and go through NATURALLY. There is always a positive outcome.

Siblings and friends go through this all the time. Again, there is always a positive outcome in every episode.

Sure, Dora is great. But also shows a fox (Swiper) who tries to steal. It is a bit frightening to younger kids.

No cartoon is perfect. But Peppa does not deserve the bad rap it is getting. It is an entertaining and educational show. As with anything your kid watches, parent discretion and explanation should be involved.


Paw Patrol is great for kids, too.


Sure, otherwise it wouldn’t be a kids cartoon!
However, when thinking about educational cartoon, I don’t think about positive outcomes only. My main focus is on expected behavior, and Peppa Pig is not a role model for that.


Very small children don’t necessary learn a lesson from a cartoon but they are entertained and mimic what they see and hear. When my son was 2, he repeated something from one of my husband’s favorite shows because he saw us laughing at it. Didn’t sound very good coming from the mouths of babes so we didn’t watch that one in from of the kids.


As they should


I think it’s actually beneficial for children to pick up several different accents. Most of them won’t be able to retain it a couple of years after they’ve stopped watching the show anyway. However, having exposure to another set of phoneme might be useful when learning new languages.


It does :joy:


Paw Patrol (with the exception of the episodes that have the evil other mayor who tries to sabotage the town with his evil cats), SuperWings, Dora, Peppa Pig, Tumble Leaf, Noddy, Word Party, Pocoyo, Justin Time, Team UmiZoomi, and Curious George are all GREAT shows for toddlers and young children.

But, the all-time best has to be Kazoops. I wish Netflix would update more listings for it.


So you prefer your child to not see a positive outcome from behavior that can be corrected. You would rather your child make no mistakes and behave perfectly from the onset. Got it. I prefer my kid know how to deal with his emotions and feelings when they pop up. All kids will go through troubles and its important they have examples of how to overcome those troubles. I do not think Peppa Pig is that extreme. To each their own.


Where did you get that from?!
Please read it again:

One doesn’t come at cost of another.

I didn’t expected reading comprehension issues coming from you, @SuiGeneris


I don’t really remember what I watched as a toddler and I don’t think it affected my behavior in the long haul, so there’s still plenty of corrections you can make along the way. I think in the end it’s more about what you as a parent can tolerate seeing/hearing over and over again.

Apparently I watched 101 Dalmatians once a day, every day, for a couple years of my toddlerhood. Didn’t turn me into a dog or anything.


Point taken. Apologies, sometimes I take opinions about parenting to the extreme.


Growing up, my brother and I watched The Disney Afternoon (Ducktales, Tailspin, Rescue Rangers, Gummy Bears, Dark Wing Duck), Transformers, GI Joe, Scooby Doo, Sesame Street, etc. I like to think we turned out fine.


Unlike Peppa Pig :joy:
All is well. I think such discussion can be quite productive, in fact, as it can help to see things from a different perspective.