US children speaking in British accent after watching Peppa Pig


Have you checked your own avatar?


We had the same issues with Spongebob in my day


I remember a massive outcry against Teletubbies. I think it was about it promoting homosexuality.


After my time. I think that was just the religios though. Not sure if they were a negative behavior model in any way


The problem with Teletubbies was that it was boring as hell. Although I hear that it was much better when enhanced with certain substances.


Most things are


Isn’t everything?


With major exceptions, like a visit to the DMV. :sunglasses:


I didn’t know people had so many deep insights to peppa pig


No. Trust me on this one.


Certain substances could make you understand what the teletubbies were saying. That could be a bit freaky.


I’m not sure about that one, but I bet I could think of some

@BiggusDickus almost great minds think almost alike


Well, I suppose it depends on the substance. You definitely don’t want to be ingesting any hallucinogens.


True, that might not work out too well.


That goes for the road test too. Some people learn this the hard way.


It would be funny at the time. Later on, not so much.


What happened to your sense of adventure?


The scary DMV lady drummed it out of me. :hushed:


I’d be more afraid of the line.


My niece do the same, she always her mom as if she is Peppa Pig. I don’t know if it’s just who feels like Peppa Pig is not that pretty or cute. She looks creepy.