US children speaking in British accent after watching Peppa Pig





I’ve heard of people objecting to PP for no reason other than that the father is a dummy. :idunno:

Great advertising, too. Have you seen the prices on those things? :eek:

Yeah, you and your sensitive ears. :hear_no_evil: You may also enjoy…

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. :flying_saucer:

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In the Night Garden is responsible for one of my family’s ongoing jokes. It basically amounts to: 一個屁股!

It’s been years since we’ve seen it but it still comes up from time to time.



Disney did it first


Just give them all South Park ad they’ll turn out fine.


I laugh at South Park and I’d never let my granddaughter watch it. Remember the gluten free episode?


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If I were raising a kid in Taiwan (which I am not) I would watch the awesome Polar Bear Cafe series. Hell, even without kids I would watch this on my own. I love it!



oh no.

Poor Peppa. It’s a good thing most British kids have no idea where sausages come from.

EDIT: I just noticed what Peppa is doing. Apparently those kids are all growed up and designing cartons. And they still don’t know where sausages come from.

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English - Traditional > English - Simplified


Imagine living with the real Peppa Pig :smiley:


My daughter does the British accent in this tune perfectly.

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I did it with my kids and their friends, my students. I showed them Bugs Bunny. They actually liked and got the jokes. “It’s curtains for you”.Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse, The Little Rascals, Ricky Ticky Tabby, The Brady Bunch, I love Lucy, original Original Electric Company. But they did not like Gilligan

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