US-Chinese Relations (2020)

US claiming closure due to spying.
Reports of small fires inside, documents being burned

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There’s a giant thread about China’s comeuppance that this tiny story would fit into. Or did you think this was a tipping point kind of happening?

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Gongfei hate is a big enough deal here that I’d be in favor of giving it its own sub-forum.

Some people want us all scared of Russia. A lot of those people didn’t give a rat’s turd about Russia four years ago. I see Russia as evil but too weak to be a serious threat. China is a real, actual problem.

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declined to explain what triggered the decision when pressed on the matter during a news briefing in Copenhagen, where he was meeting with Danish officials. But he raised long-standing U.S. accusations that China’s government steals American intellectual property.

He also brought up the Department of Justice’s indictment Tuesday of two Chinese hackers charged with stealing trade secrets from hundreds of global targets and probing for vulnerabilities in U.S. companies involved in the development of COVID-19 treatments and vaccines.

The West is finally waking up

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^ could be major news – Chinese Military Biologist that arrived in the US last fall…

The pieces are coming together which will show China deliberately released the virus as retaliation for the trade war, among other things.

Axios link as well:


I doubt the Chinese would deliberately release a virus of this type on the doorstep of their only level 5 laboratory in the country. If they were going to intentionally release a virus, wouldn’t it make sense to do it outside an American level 5 lab that works on Coronavirus’s, then everyone would assume it was the American lab that had a leak.

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The whole point was for China to release it on themselves so they can create a “Production Embargo” on the US (to make America feel pain for the Trade war) and the World (to show that America’s actions effect the world in a negative way, and to show to other countries not to mess with China on trade). And Wuhan being a major hub for China’s supply chains, it made it possible to shut down significant operations.

The Virus also has other strategic benefits for China. One is its a good way to “quarantine” the government dissenters/defectors by ripping them out of their homes on live TV and nobody blinking an eye. Another is to quell the protesting in Hong Kong and exert pressure on Taiwan.

To summarize:

  1. Product Embargo and Economic Impact
  2. “Quarantine” those who oppose the CCP
  3. Quell the Protests in HK
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That’s a bit speculative and incendiary. Got proof? More than a few “pieces” I hope.


Interesting take. There’s a lot to go through. I still don’t believe the Chinese recovery numbers and it’s hard to know right now. This article mentions that there is some government maneuvering and the recovery was “possibly triggered by government-encouraged buying by state-controlled companies”

I think for the plan you mentioned to work, two things have to happen. First, China really needs to recover faster than others and get back to exporting quickly. I’ve already mentioned how I’m skeptical about China’s numbers now.

Second, it assumes that most other countries will be unphased by the virus starting in Wuhan and continue importing from China like nothing has happened.
The supply chain is going to be re-examined by all and many countries have already found alternatives to the Chinese suppliers. Why risk something like this happening again when you can go elsewhere?



Sure, and the weak dollar is helping that cause. Emerging markets are looking better and better, and I hope they fill some of the spaces created by the worries about being overly dependent on Gina…but I’ll wait until the new capillaries have grown into blood vessels before I break out the dancing banana.

Who’s this Gina you’re taking about?

Yeah. I know it’s China and they manipulate the markets. I just said some as in right now for this specific recovery. The athletic provided proof which is why I linked it.

I still think Biden will win and bring back the TPP. He was one of the authors. That will fill the holes created in the supply chain by this crisis. The timing is perfect.

Pretty powerful stuff. I hope they follow through on this


CCP Biology Researcher that was hiding in SF China Consulate has been taken into custody.