US citizen obtaining TW legal status

hello guys!

I’ve always wanted to work in taiwan and my recent trip has prompted me to look into this further. I am a US citizen and I want to try and get a job and move to Taiwan.

I’ve never held any taiwanese passport or documents. My parents emigrated from Taiwan long ago and recently renewed their ROC passports (after letting it expire years ago) and one also renewed their Taiwan ID card.

After reading some threads on here, it seems it’s quire difficult for me to obtain a work permit and eventual ARC. I have the 4-year degree but not the 2-year relevant work experience. So I wanted to inquire about this other route…

Is it possible for me to have “legal working status” in Taiwan like a normal Taiwanese person? if so, how would i go about doing this? any complications i might encounter?
I think I also prefer this route because the “2-year relevant experience” kind of limits the kinds of job I can get.

thanks a lot!! :slight_smile: