US citizen selling home in koishung

Recently deceased mother owns a home in Koishung. She was a Taiwan national and my father was a US citizen. I was born in Taiwan, but I am a US citizen. I am wanting to sell the home and I am working with my family to Taiwan to sell it. I am not familiar with laws for a non Taiwan citizen to sell a home so I have a few questions.

  1. What are rules for a US citizen to sell a home in Taiwan? I have sent paperwork showing I was born in Taiwan and how I am related to my mom. I am not on the home registry. I was told there is a 10% fee to have the home transferred to me.

  2. Is there a way to see what the home is valued at? In the US you can look at property taxes online and they give an idea of the value.

  3. What type of fees can i expect to pay? Usually in america seller pays 6% to the selling/buying agent.

  4. What should I expect when going through the process. My cousins tell me to be wary of a lot of people of because of corruption. they have helped as much as they can, but their eEnglish is not perfect.