US citizens and others, join Electronic Frontiers Foundation

Every time I log into this forum I get angry seeing this message

Can you make me a backup of all your movies too…you know in case you lose yours?

8 track tape is still the way to go. Total security.

'cause nobody wants 'em

Read the MPAA website. They tell you that fair use doesn’t extend to digital technologies. They state that while you have fair use rights to material you can access, you can’t bypass copy protection legally therefore you can not back up your DVD.

As support for thier argument, they state that Americans have long accepted this concept by subscribing to over the air pay TV. Read the site.

Right now, people are just quietly making back ups of thier own stuff but little by little they are closing the doors. The last legal site of DVD decrypter in Finland got closed down. Also, Macrovsion actually bought the rights to this program and has canelled all lic to use it.