US Construction company awarded multi-million contract without public tender

What do you call it when a company donated money to political parties and in return get’s awarded a million dollar deal without a public tender?

  • A common understanding
  • Returning a favour
  • Corruption
  • Morally wrong
  • Absolutely correct

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Brief summary (no quote):
Bechtel Corp., a US contruction company has been awarded a deal estimated at USD34,6m to restore energy & water supply and fix the drainage system in Iraq. The contract was awarded by the US government agains critics that there was no public tender.
According to CRP Washington Bechtel is considered one of the biggest donators to politicans and has donated during the last election campaign.
USAID said there was no tender to allow faster help for Iraq.

Don’t worry…I imagine there will many opportunities for German companies in the years to come. Middle Eastern dictatorships are always in the need for underground bunkers, “pesticide factories”, etc. :laughing: And I don’t remember any of the contracts in the past as being up for public tender. :laughing:

I seem to remember a couple of German chaps going on trial for helping Saddam out with his latest “supergun” project just last year.

This question is irrelevant.
You, like many others, overlook the new reality (“new world order,” if you will). The US is not in any way beholden to international conventions such as the United Nations (or its Charter), the International Court of Justice, the Geneva Conventions and so on. Has it not been made perfectly clear to you that the US can award any contract to whomever it wishes without feeling the need to be “fair”? (using what I assume you define “fair” to be).

“Hang your collar up inside
Hang your dollar on me
Listen to the water still
Listen to the causeway
you are mad and educated
primitive and wild
Welcome to the occupation”
– R.E.M. - Welcome To The Occupation

I think you misspelled that Wolf. That’s not United Nations… that should read Untied Nations. Still you would think these contracts would be up for tender within the U.S. I was watching George W. speak last night, and I’m not sure, but I think I got just the slightest glimpse of the strings.

Not to be rude my dear “citizen from an obstructing country” colleague, but if it had been put up for tender, than the process would of been dragged out for at least a couple of months. The services provided have to be provided immediately to improve the living conditions of everyday Iraqis. The idea is to get the country fixed as possibly fast as possible and to get out.

I’ll be more impressed when Germany actually says it will waive the $4 billion owed to it by the previous regime, which your German finance minister is simply refusing to think about. I’ll be waiting to see German obstruction in the UN over withdrawing sanctions. The whole exercise seems to be a way to get at the dinner table(Iraq) for some scraps(contracts) by those countries who obstructed it in the first place.


That’s a nice excuse: “We need it fast. No time for tenders!”
What infrustructure project doesn’t better serve the people than one that is completed as fast as possible?
Nix that argument. Try again.

I don’t know about that for 34.6 million I could get my act together within a couple of days.

What I find disturbing is that you find it disturbing that he finds it disturbing. Are you being disturbed by all this or embrassing it with prosthetic arms?

I’ll be impressed if our European allies ever pay the US back for the loans and aid received during and after both the First and Second World Wars. As it is, the only countries to ever repay the US have been Finland and Kuwait.

Anyway, I’m not holding my breath. :unamused:

I’ll try to explain this slowly and use small words. OK?

This isn’t putting a toilet in the bathroom. This is making sure that an adequate supply of drinking water(so they can cook with it, drink it and take baths) is available ASAP(that means quickly) to as many Iraqis(People in the country called Iraq) as possible.

I don’t see how taking 6 months to do a proper tender and bid is going to help accomplish(do) these objectives. If you have a better idea please feel free to offer one. I say it was a necessary act, future contracts that are not for necessary(water, electric, gas, and sewage) services should be up for bid, but this needed to be an executive order.

Look at any large company, they all give money to political parties. Trial lawyers are big givers to Democrats. Businesses usually split it evenly between parties. Oil businesses are big givers to Republicans. This whole “they gave money to politicians” scaremongering is idiotic and shows a very one sided argumnet.

What should we have told the average Iraqi? Please wait while we get past all the countries that have a financial interest in keeping your murderous dictator and his police state in power, while he snubs the conditions that kept him in power in the first place.


We would of kicked his ass out of Iraq the first time had it not been for the ceasefire negotiated in good faith with the Saddam regime in the first place. People tend to forget that you can openly criticize the US even in the US. Try that shit with Russia(Chechnya anybody) or China(How long did it take them to get N. Korea to the bargaining table) and see how far that gets you. I don’t see Al-Jezeera reporting from from Chechnya or Western China. You are being duped by the very people who have the most to gain from duping you. US power has just been demonstrated twice by toppling regimes 6000 miles away in the last 2 years. We’ve since learned that we don’t have to ask. The world had better pray, that we remember to start asking. The US has not lost power but gained it. The world has not gained power but lost it. There was a time when the US would listen to world opinion, but it has passed for now.

The duplicity of other countries is astounding. I’m sorry the world had its chance to keep the US nice and quiet and uninvolved in the world. We never wanted to get involved in the first place historically. Now we have no choice. Now that we are involved the world will have to deal with the very real threat of US military power. Containment has failed, preemption is in.

France uses the EU as a cover for its own political and finacial gain. Russians sell weapons to anybody. China sells missiles, nuclear know how and military supplies too, plus it shields an even worse threat in North Korea. Who sold the chemicals to North Korea to process plutonium. China did. So quit giving me this American Hegemony crap. Open your fucking eyes, your average Americans feels they are at war and have felt that way since Sept. 11, 2001. Do you really think they give a fuck about what the rest of the world thinks? The world offered its condolences, but that’s all. It was the use of force and money that got a lot of countries on our side in the war on terror.

So I agree the world hasn’t changed, but US policy has. I don’t like the change. I wish we could live in a less dangerous world, but we simply don’t. The US is at war. It will be for a long time I imagine. So before you write, think of the necessary choices that need to be made by the US administration. If you are an American you can choose who to vote for in 2004. If your not, too fucking bad. The world had its chance to keep things straight.


Mod. note sorry for the profanity, but I get tired of reading and hearing about this stuff day in and day out

Thanks for that OKAMI. Yes, we can all feel the American ‘foot print’ firmly marked on our arses. Thank God for America, that’s all I can say. Thank you to the founding fathers for their foresight in spawning such unparrelled power in the hands of such benevolent muses as constitute US power today. Thank you for your leadership, your ultraism, your humanity, your moral calculus, and our freedom. We forgive you your profanity and accept it as simply another friendly fire episode innevitable in all conflict.

Thanks pal, thanks buddy and I’ve just got one last disposition to ask of you would you mind awfully kissing my arse.

If the US has left it’s footprint on your sorry “arse” (such quaint spelling), then you without a doubt deserve it. Please tell us what miserable dump you’re from so we can do it again, since you seem to be s-l-o-w learner. :smiling_imp:

God Damn, Okami.

I enjoyed that.

Okami makes sense. Fox’s reply is nothing more than a sarcasm-laced, schoolyard taunt. Nice job, Okami.

Uh…OK. So how is the new medication working?

In America, we used to call dissent a freedom. Now, as in the cases of France and Turkey, it is called undemocratic.

Read this if you want to see what I think:

WTF? Nobody from the US is stifling anyone’s dissent. Dissent all you want. But don’t cry when somebody else then refutes your dissent.

It is useless to debate with poster(s) who don’t read carefully.
You win. I’m out.

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! The U.S. is run by a united coalition of business conglomerates, the Pentagon, and its

[quote]I’ll be more impressed when Germany actually says it will waive the $4 billion owed to the previous regime, which your German finance minister is simply refusing to think about. I’ll be waiting to see German obstruction in the UN over withdrawing sanctions. The whole exercise seems to be a way to get at the dinner table(Iraq) for some scraps(contracts) by those countries who obstructed it in the first place.
Isn’t that why these countries were opposed to the war to begin with? They really didn’t want to give up all that money.
The way it looks to me the US will be in Iraq for at least the next 10 to 20 years until they have a major uprising like Iran in the 70’s. The casualties have not even started to come in yet.
The US has managed to marginalize OPEC in one fell swoop without having to give up world reliance on oil. That must make Getty smile in his grave.
Afghanistan and Iraq have the potential of making Vietnam look like an easy war. Was Jr. so coked up in history class that he missed everything from the crusades to the Russian occupation of Afganistan? Where did he go to school?

Correction: The UK was still repaying war debt in the late 60