US DRAFT On-line Registration - DO IT NOW!

Well…pssst! to the naysayers…the US Draft is back…better register now you bunch of slackers aged 18 - 45!

U.S. Draft registration website

that was a funny link, thanks for the smile. Whenever I hear of draft registration, I always like to remember some song lyrics:

[quote] You know there in Washington
They got a monument covered with names
Names of folks they say gave their lives for their country
And we oughta honor them
The way I see it
They were just doing what they were told
Now, who I’d like to bestow my gratitude on
Is them free thinking folks of independent mind
I’d like to say -thank you
To all of you Vietnam era draft dodgers (And it’s strange, but it made me happy)
And thank you to all you Gulf War military deserters (When I heard)
And I just want to give a big thanks to all of those (We won the war)
Americans out there who put their freedom on the line
As conscientious objectors and military resistors
All of you youngsters out there
All of you young men ages 18-22
You’re probably wondering what you can do
To follow in the footsteps of the American way
And assert yourselves as mature individuals
Who can decide your own future
I’m not gonna suggest you shouldn’t register for the draft
That wouldn’t be legal
But why not take a cue from my buddy Sam
And register 10 times, 50 times, 100 times
There’s no law against it
No law against a woman 18-22 registering 50 or 60 times
Or a man, or a woman 14 or 40
Registering for the draft 150 times
500 times
Just let them know what’s on your mind

God save the Halobenders! :notworthy: Lyrics from “Bombshelter Pt. 2” from their sophomore album Don’t Tell Me Now, probably still availible from K Records.

That’s just funny. :slight_smile: