US green card renewal process

Has anybody out there had the joyous experience of trying to renew their US green card recently?

The process, according to my understanding, includes the following:

  1. Complete form I-90 within 6 months of date of green card expiration.

  2. Send I-90 to appropriate office (now in LA)

  3. Wait for a written response from USCIS (formerly INS) in which they will give you an appointment date. On that date, you must go to the USCIS office indicated in the message for recording of your biometrics and possible interview.

Form I-90 requires your US mailing address, of course. The USCIS response is sent to that address. The USCIS office to which you will be sent is that closest to your US address.

For those of us living in Taiwan with a green card that is expiring, this poses some logistical problems. The biggest question, and the reason I’m posting to this forum is, how long after receiving the I-90 will the USCIS schedule an appointment? Or is it determined by the expiration date of the card?

I’d be very grateful to hear from anyone with any clue as to how this process plays out.


The following link on INS processing times might be helpful for you:

Currently, the California processing center is handling I90s filed on April 4, 2006. Therefore, you can estimate that there will be a 3 month delay in any action taken on your I90 application for renewal of your permanent resident card.

Umm . . . well, the good news is that if you’ve been living in Taiwan more than a year, you probably don’t need to worry about renewing your green card . . .