US Naval College Hacked from China! Is Taiwan next? … cker_.html

[quote]"The Naval War College in Newport Rhode Island has been offline for more than two weeks after their network was hacked. All web sites into the NWC are unavailable signally a router-level shutdown.

“It’s very unusual. In addition to finding out how this happened, they may be doing a physical check on every computer to make sure there isn’t a timebomb waiting for them, to ensure the data isn’t ex-filtrated once they go back online.” - Richard Clarke, former U.S. Cyber Security Czar

Some reports claim the hack came out of China, but analysts feel that China may have been simply a jumping-off point. However, it’s clear that to have the network down for such an extended period the navy is concerned that they may not know exactly how the intrusion occurred. Another plausible possibility is that the network was severely compromised and their IT staff is attempting to ascertain the damage."[/quote]

Although these attacks aren’t traced to the government of China, any ideas how many people in Taiwan are carrying these computer “bombs” on their PC?