US or Euro Cell Phones in Taiwan

I’m sure an answer to this is somewhere out there on the web, but I haven’t been able to find it yet. I’m going to be in Taipei for two months this summer and was wondering if I could use my American cell phone or an old cell phone that I used in France in 2004. Can I just buy a new card or something for these phones or do I need to buy a new phone? Thanks!

It should mine does I think it has to be a GSM phone and tri or quad band I dont exactly rember what taiwan uses maybe someone else can fill you in for that. It also has to be unlocked. I have a sony w800I and I used it here and I got it in the states off of but it was unlocked

A triband phone would be your best bet, otherwise a normal GSM phone (from Europe) will also do.

Just make sure your phone isn’t locked to a particular network. To find out, try a friend’s SIM card in it (make sure your friend isn’t on the same network as you).

Locking the phone to a particular network is EXTREMELY common in Europe (don’t know about the US of A).

GSM phone 900 or 1800 should work for you. Most GSM phones will be at least dual band, but if you can only get a 900 phone that’ll do fine. So a European phone, or a US phone that specifically says its GSM.

VERY common in the US. I don’t know about the last 2 years, been here, but prior to that this was SOP.