US Passport for newborn

For the report of birth abroad be sure to include how you’ve spent time in the USA (I’d say 5 years proof is what the US govt wants.). If you went to a us college then showing transcripts would be enough to prove that I think.

I’d recommend marrying in Taiwan though. You’ll get legal protection in Taiwan and it will make things easier at a time where having a newborn will be enough of a learning curve.

For immigrating to the USA, you’d just need to go with your significant other to the USA, let her get a feel if she’d like it and then request to change her status from a visitor to the USA to a permanent resident.

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Thanks for all your feedback everyone. I did get a response from AIT and they said they are aware that hospitals will not allow the father’s name to be on the birth certificate if the parents are not married. They continued and said all I need to do is sign an acknowledgement that I’m the father, I’ll be financially responsible, etc… I hope it’s this easy when I’m there! Thanks again.

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