US Passport Renewal

My US passport is about to expire. Does anyone know the best way to renew it? I’ve been told you need to go online and schedule an appointment with AIT. Others say you don’t even need to go into AIT and can do it all online.

Also, my child was born in Taiwan, but also able to obtain a US passport because of my US citizenship. Has anyone ever applied for their child’s US passport this way here in Taiwan.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! TIA!

Just go to their website, it’s all made clear there. I usually make an appointment but I think I remember you can do it by mail as well.

Yep. There are a number of conditions, simply being a US citizen is not necessarily enough, but if you were born there it should definitely be. You’ll have to go in in person with your documents. Again, it’s made clear on their/linked State department websites.

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You don’t renew a passport. You get a new passport.

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