US passports for Chinese babies?

“Here is the latest Press Release. And a large spliff.”

I disagree that US laws are set by consensus. In fact, I believe that is the “Asian Way” - consensus government, consensus lawmaking.

By contrast, the US has a conflicting (or “checks and balances”) two-party legislature. In addition, laws are set by adherence to and logical extension of a few basic principles - most if not all of which can be found in the constituion.

And to the other posters, yes, the US has not always been consistent in its foreign policy. But can you imagine the reaction of its European allies if it had wanted to start a war on communism in Eastern Europe? None of its allies would have sanctioned that! USSR had nuclear weapons do not forget.

The IRA? The US government never supported the IRA - a few crackpots in Boston and New York used to contribute to its coffers thru NORAID, yes…

Realistically speaking, you cannot expect any government to be totally selfless in foreign policy. Particularly when it comes to committing its own troops. But the US has lived up to its obligations to defend Europe, and Asia (including troops stationed in korea and sending a warship into the Taiwan straits when China was firing missiles.) The spy plane incident was of course because the US wants to continue to collect information that will enable it to monitor the balance of power in this part of the world and arms sales to Taiwan also show its support of democratic values overseas.

Do we see the same kind of care with French arms sales? Or what about Russia’s role in politically supporting the Serbs during their genocidal attacks in Europe? How about China’s total inability to project any values on the world other than “let us do what we want to our own people.”

For those who do not like the US foreign policy or the idea of the US being able to project its values over the rest of the world, I say - think of the alternatives!