US Post Office Eliminates International Surface Mail Service

Hi guys,

For those of you from the US who rely on the surface mail option to save money, it’s gone they got rid of it on May 14th. This hurts me as I order stuff from the US all the time and have it shipped by surface mail. Even though it takes up to 60 days to get to me I don’t care.

I have created a petition, you can go here to sign it, after some time I will be sending it directly to the USPS.

Please sign it and pass it to everyone you know. I am hoping to get them to turn their decision around, I know this is going to affect a lot of people.


Damn that SUX, so we can also kiss goodbye to that primo 4th class “book” rate that was the best deal we ever had too. Sure I’ll sign, but honestly who knows? Any other less painful, exorbitant options now? Oh and stamps in the US went up again also I heard ! Yipee

Yep, it does. There are a lot of people that use the economy services to send tons of stuff through the mail, now that the service is done, I have to wonder if they would pay the higher rates or not. As far as I know there are no other cheap options available, but I am actively searching for them, if I find something, I will post them here.

This is really going to affect a lot of people. It must have been a financial decision, but they could have raised the rates a little rather then eliminated the whole service. There’s probably something I don’t entirely understand about it, but it’s really devastating to not have it anymore.

Yep, the shipping rates went up also, what’s new…

I’m just curious how much this is going to affect you guys? I do not think I have gotten many signatures from Forumosa, much less than I anticipated. You guys never order stuff from the states?

Just a reminder of who else this service elimination is going to hurt.

A big one is humanitarian aid organizations such as the Peace Corps, many of whom set up libraries in other countries, now I am being told they can’t do it anymore due to the higher shipping rates.

There are countless groups out there who provide aid using cheap mail services, but now they cannot.

As an expatriate in Taiwan, thi sis greatly going to effect me as I purchase quite a few things from back home, especially books, food items, vitamins, etc. With the rate increase I will not longer be able to do this…