US Pres Candidates Chinese names

Who would you vote for.

  • ``Sticky Rice’’ - 糯米
  • ``Virtue Soup.’’ -德湯
  • ``Oh Bus Horse.’’ -啊巴馬
  • No thanks, I’m full

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Galvin says the federal Justice Department is pressuring Boston election officials to translate candidates’ names into Chinese characters in precincts with prominent Chinese-speaking populations.

But there’s more than a little lost in translation, according to Galvin. [/quote]

Mitt Romney Sticky Rice'' - 糯米 Fred Thompson Virtue Soup.’’ -德湯
Barack Obama ``Oh Bus Horse.’’ -啊巴馬

These guys need to get a Geomancer for some more appealing names in the Chinese voting community.

Hillary Clinton: 希拉蕊
Barack Obama: 歐巴馬
Mitt Romney: 羅姆尼

And if Wikipedia wasn’t running as slow as molasses in January, I could give you more names.

I thought most Chinese in America can speak and understand English well.

Right up there with Hu’s on first jokes