US Presidential Election 2004 V

I have been trying to empathize with a President whose supporters nearly all don’t know truth of the world. I try to, and I come to this question: How does Bush feel every morning when he wakes up to think…

“Do they believe that I am doing a good job? They don’t know the truth. I know people who love me. I won’t tell them anything of mistakes.”

Or perhaps he thinks, “We got the bad man. We got the bad man!” He wakes up thinking about the troops in Iraq. “Go get 'em, tiger,” he mentally urges his troops poised to defend the US in a heroic manner in Iraq.

He flip flops between a. and b.

I saw a quote of his that he said his actual position on this one is b.

Of course, being Bush must be profound. His apparency is to be a man who deceives and gets deceived. He must have some hint of what is truly reality. Doesn’t he realize what the people believe?

They should ask him in a press conference, “President, 75% of your supporters continue to believe that the Bush administration is saying Iraq was providing substantial support to al Qaeda. They are your supporters, and they will continue to support you if you keep them thinking that. Don’t you think there is a chance that you can get truth into the people?” The people are believing falsity.

These mistaken assumptions of American people go into the books for generations to come to scratch their heads in wonder, don’t they?

Considering the knee-jerk inability of Bush or his people to admit any mistakes, no matter how blatant or obvious, I think he is more “a” than anything else. Of course, there is the chortling, smirking, part of him that probably actually does mean to do nasty things…

I don’t know how it feels to be Bush.

But, I’ll bet it feels better being Bush than it does being mofangongren.


Bush feels good.

Shaved or unshaved?

I’m surely going to hell for that one.

Originally: Democrats Rely on Celebrities. What does that say?

I find it incredible that the Democrats seem to believe that hauling out someone like Barbra Streisand or some other “celebrity” will actually sway voters. I mean who here respects the views of an actor or musician so much that this will change their vote? Ben Affleck? William Baldwin? Give me a break. What does this say about the Democrats if they are so dependent on these people to get out their “message?”

Now then, everybody say… ‘I’ll be back’ ‘Asta la vista, baby’…

You beat me to it BB.

Whatever you say Fred. . . :unamused:

But Arnold is now the Governor of California and not just an “actor.” Anyone else see Bush or Cheney running with someone of say Ben Affleck, Barbra Streisand or William Baldwin’s ilk? And if we wanted to compare numbers, who do these celebrities vote in mass for and given the high respect with which Americans and others hold their political views, isn’t it somewhat strange that the Democrats would be featuring them so prominently? Does it really work?

I guess it says that most celebrities may be dumb, but they’re not dumb enough to support Bush.

[quote]Even for me, an ultra-loyal Republican, the two creepiest words in the English language are “Christian rock.”

I’ve listened to my fair share of it, too. . . but after a second or two you realize that they’re singing about Jesus, not some girl named Mandy, and the whole thing just seems, well, creepy. . .

Which is all a long way of saying that I don’t think I’m going to enjoy the “entertainment” portion of the Republican National Convention.

It won’t all be Christian rock, of course. According to the most recent RNC press release, conventioneers will be treated to country music acts such as Brooks & Dunn, Lee Ann Womack, Darryl Worley, and Donnie McClurkin. They’ll be joining Michael W. Smith, Daniel Rodriguez, Daize Shayne, Sara Evans, and Dana Glover on the podium. Sounds exciting, no?

I’m aware that I’m going to sound like one of those liberal Democrat media snobs

There you go again MT:

Always discriminating against Christians. I mean we have seen your strong statements when it comes to Jews and Blacks but your “sensitivity” and “concern” do not seem to extend to Christians. Why is that? Is it “okay” to be prejudiced against one group of people? Shall we then sign you up for measures against Muslims? I mean that might be pretty funny too in these politically perilous times. It might even result in someone’s death. Don’t you want to rethink this very crass and offensive belittling of Christians?

And Republican Sonny Bono, God rest his soul, was more than just a singer-entertainer.

Ha ha Fred. I was just quoting a self-confessed “conservative Republican media snob.” Read his piece – it’s pretty funny.

Good point, Flicka, Congressman Sonny Bono. :laughing:

It still sounds funny.

Yes Ahnold is the Govner of California, but he was obviously elected becasue he was a 6 time Mr Universe, or whatever, and an action movie star. That makes him a celebrity. And that’s why Bush trotted him out on stage at the convention and will drag him out to Ohio next week.

But MT:

You more than anyone should realize that even posting something offensive or quoting others doing so can be construed as hateful and malicious. Why would you post something like this unless you were trying to stir up hate and encourage others to vent their hatred against Christians as well? I think that you should remove your post lest you stir up more prejudice and anger and even violence against Christians.

It’s not anti-Christian to be creeped out by Christian-rock bands, it’s normal. There’s a lot of things I can tolerate, but men dressed as honeybees (Stryper) is an abomination against mankind.

I also wouldn’t want Barry White crooning out odes to Jesus over his baby-makin’ beats – it just feels wrong somehow. Nobody should get a boner while listening to religious music.

But Fred does, so just leave him alone.

Nothing like hearing Stryper’s cover of “Whole Lotta Love”…

He’s probably got a “Brazilian” as part of his “Amigo diplomacy” efforts in the early days of his presidency. The pained looks that frequently flash across his face are likely from the itchiness as the hairs slowly grow back in.

It says more about the voters than about the party.
Being influenced by an actor or singer is worse than being influenced by anything else.
But somehow it fits into the American way of life.

I would say that there is a significant difference between Arnold Schwarzenegger going into politics and Barbra (“only two A’s please!”) Streisand whining: Schwarzenegger has done something useful beyond merely being a celebrity.

Schwarzenegger made some money from his bodybuilding and acting, sure. But he invested that into real estate, aircraft, and other leasing operations. He is a successful businessman in his own right.

Barbra, on the other hand, hasn’t done much of anything besides screeching for pay.