US requiring vaccination to travel in Nov 2021. How to get vaccinated in Taiwan for urgent travel?

A Taiwanese travel agent told me that starting from November 2021 the US will require travelers entering the country or transiting to be fully vaccinated but said the guidelines are not very clear yet.

I will travel mid-November and are not yet vaccinated because I am still waiting to get an appointment in Taiwan (got registered back in July)!

Is there any exception in Taiwan to get vaccinated earlier for urgent travel? It seems that the previous exception was cancelled back in May or June.

Thank you!

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Are you American?

Is there a way to get vaccinated in Taiwan if you are American aside from the standard queue? Or are you just saying the new rule doesn’t apply if you are American?

I only asked if OP is American.

Please allow me to gather the information I need to give you the best possible answer.


Your nationality might make a difference.

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No, I am South American, I will only be transiting in the US

I see. Which country? That helps immensely in knowing what the rules are.

Be aware that even with an exception you might only get the Astra Zeneca vaccine which is currently not accepted as an approved vaccine in the US to my knowledge. You would need to get either Moderna or Biontech.


Thank you Marco, I am Colombian, flying from Taiwan to Colombia and will not be visiting any other country before flying to the US.

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AZ is accepted for entering the country from November (I confirmed this few days ago). Any WHO approved vaccine is accepted actually.


What about the PCR? still need?

Yes, the PCR is still needed to be able to board the plane in Taiwan and also from other countries into Taiwan. Colombia for example does not require the PRC

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This really depends on the rules of the countries you are entering. There’s no concept of international transit in the US so you are required to enter the country briefly, however the US only requires a rapid test, not PCR. Your final destination may have other requirements.


Hi there. I have calling to the US with my skype account. I called the CBP to ask about your situation about a Colombian national transiting through the US.

The agent had informed me there isn’t actually any official communication about this issue yet and that the November 2021 vaccination requirement is not quite set in stone yet. They said the news is jumping the gun on this. CBP has not been informed about such refusals and that if you hold a valid transit visa then you should have no issues at this moment. I can acknowledge that this isn’t perfectly helpful but one thing I would do is contact airlines to see what info they have as they often get up to date info as well as keep up to date on the CDC and CBP websites.

I assume you may not have a number to them so I would also email them yourself and not quote me.


Called CDC. They also have not been informed of policy changes. They said their website is updated every 24 hr.

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Thank you! The Taiwanese travel agent talked to United Airlines and they said the policy should be applied in November but they have no further info.

When I have more details I will also share them here as I think there will probably be a lot of people flying back for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Hopefully there will be some options for unvaccinated people


News about this requirement

Interesting, and not meaning to change topic too much.

But the article and seems new regulation states that if fully vaccinated, need to provide negative test 3 days in advance (like before). However, if not vaccinated, the test has to be taken within ONE day of travel.

You can fly from Tokyo Narita or Seoul Icheon to Mexico city, connecting to Bogota, Colombia, therefore bypass United States.

Thank you so much!! I will look into that!