US Sec of State Certifies Hong Kong No Longer Autonomous

Not really a surprise, but still interesting.

He’s right. They are no longer autonomous. Its time we quit giving the CCP a free pass on EVERYTHING while they stab us in the back.

We buy from them and they need to provide us with good customer service. I don’t know any store that would remain in business this long while being this cocky.


Notice all the scary language and fear pushing in the CNN article. I am more sanguine on the subject.

Does this article make you feel less threatened?

I support the decision though I fear that if Beijing doesn’t have HK to use as leverage to acquire a massive number of US dollars, it will serve no purpose and be nothing but an ordinary Chinese city.

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With Hong Kong on the one hand and India on the other it might be a good time to declare independence.

At time of handover, HK was 20% of China’s GDP. Now it’s 3%.

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"A revocation of the special status would cause problems for the more than 1,300 American companies with business operations in Hong Kong, including nearly every major U.S. financial firm. The State Department said 85,000 U.S. citizens lived in Hong Kong in 2018. . . .“Numerous American companies invest in Hong Kong because of its special status, its geographic location and market-based economic system,” the U.S.-China Business Council said in a statement. “Any change to this status quo would irreparably damage American global business interests.”

Hong Kong was the source of the largest bilateral U.S. goods trade surplus last year, at $26.1 billion, based on U.S. Census Bureau data.

According to Hong Kong’s Trade and Industry Department, the former British colony in 2018 was the United States’ third-largest export market for wine, its fourth-largest for beef and seventh-largest for all agricultural products.

China can’t have it all. They knew damn well the reason HK received special status. Can’t take that away and still expect to have all the benefits.

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It’s CNN. Every show they broadcast is framed, literally, with the covid wall of death.

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I’m sure the CCP absolutely do expect to have all the benefits regardless of their actions and the consequences. In 2005, Guy Sorman wrote that, “In China, profit came first (as opposed to Law coming first in the West, followed by Capitalism). Respect for property and contractual obligations has yet to follow.”

Seems this is still the case.


So don’t buy from them? I don’t know of any Western company that does business with China out of a desire to help that poor undeveloped country. They seem to think it’s because they’re making a buck.

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One, we means us and our western countries.

Two, sometimes Made in China is the only option.

Is that a prerequisite for doing business with China?

Is that a prerequisite anywhere?

and the UK does absolutely nothing about it. pathetic.


Aren’t they currently considering dropping Huawei again? US is pressuring and they need the US as an ally moving forward.

Considering yes, they also wrote a letter giving china a mild telling off. 2 things which count as jack shit in my book.

The agreement to run hong kong as is for 50 years was with the UK, it’s a sad sight to see them doing nothing over this.

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Nice. I mean, duh…but yeah. Nice.

It could also potentially affect visa-free travel for US citizens to HK

So much for China’s promise of 50 years no change

They started changing things the moment they took over In 1997