US Senators Ask Speaker Pelosi to Invite President of Taiwan to Address Congress


This is interesting. Let’s see how Congress proceeds and if Trump administration supports the idea.


Hurray for the anti-Communist, Cuban-American senators.


Really good perspectives in this story.


His views arent so great pr deep. His first flaw he points is obvious. But distancing from china should be a priority. One of those the longer one waits the more it hurts. Plus trump has renegged on other deals so its nothing new. It would hurt for a while economically but long term would likely be the best for the world not to rely on china.

His other flaws he points out are a bit narrow sighted. He forgets Tsai, if she feels its not appropriate, is an adult and can say no. No doubt the yanks are playing the game, but she doesnt have to if she feels. She shouldnt be treated like a 3 year old with no options or thought.


Agree, that article is crap. It assumes the Taiwanese people and Tsai want better relations with China at the expense of normalized relations with the US, and I simply don’t think this is the case. At least among people I know, most or all would happily forego better relations with China if it meant Taiwan could have normal relations with the US. The threat of war would only be diminished by a stronger Taiwan-US relationship.


IIRC Brookings tends to bias towards China. What is the alternative to ramping up cooperation with the US? Just wait while China slowly, but surely, takes over?


Ambiguous status quo has worked fairly well over the years. Changing it, especially without any urgent identifiable need, will be unpleasant for all involved and not result in much or any positive change.

Unless US wants to put up a line in the sand and make a bold statement and live with it, then not much reason to do little things that really have no significant positive impact but have big negative impact.



This is probably the worst thing taiwan, and the the world, could do.

Whats that saying about how tyranny prevails when good men (people) do nothing…

Laziness isnt working well for taiwan. Not politically nor economically and certainly bot socially. I say that line in the sand needs to be drawn, sooner than later, although done so strategically and with a group of friendly nations.

Most of the world would love to give china the boot, but due to geeed and laziness they have become on them for buying stuff. Its like a heroin addiction. Everyone knows its going to kill them but they just cant give it up.

There are other poor nations with dictators that qill put their people into slavery to male out trinkets, so it makes little sense financing the enemy (china)…seriously strange logic.


So, Richard C. Bush thinks China will be enraged, scuttle any chance of successful trade deal and put peace talks with N.Korea into deep freeze. I would think there is more than a slight chance he is right, the only question is do the authors of this proposal see those possible outcomes as bugs or features?


If it pisses off China, that’s probably because it’s the right thing to do. Nothing pisses off tyrants more than doing the right thing.

If Pelosi agrees, I’ll give her some credit for that.