US smacks around the Saudis on Terror financing

Good. They should do this every week.

[quote]The statement by Treasury Undersecretary Stuart Levey before the US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, contrasted with earlier upbeat assessments by US officials that Saudi Arabia was making good progress in stemming the flow of private money to terrorist groups.

Levey said challenges posed by terrorist financing from within Saudi Arabia were “among the most daunting” his agency had to face as it tries to persuade Islamic nations to strengthen controls over their banks and charitable organizations.

“Wealthy Saudi financiers and charities have funded terrorist organizations and causes that support terrorism and the ideology that fuels the terrorists’ agenda”, Levey told lawmakers Wednesday.

“Even today, we believe that Saudi donors may still be a significant source of terrorist financing, including for the insurgency in Iraq,” he added.[/quote]

Bush can’t say it, but looks as though he’s got a new attack dog. Woof!

[quote]US officials expressed particular concern about three Saudi-run charities that operate around the world: the International Islamic Relief Organization, the World Association of Muslim Youth and the Muslim World League.

The Saudi government has moved to establish an oversight commission for its charitable sector and ordered an end to uncontrolled collection of charitable donations at mosques and retail shops.

But US officials argued they wanted to see convincing proof that these proclaimed initiatives have become reality.[/quote]

Again, I say, make a very public progress report every week until the progress is undeniable.

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Right on!