US State Department: Taiwan has not been a part of China

US State Department sets a precedent here by clarifying Taiwan is not part of China. Editors and columnists around the world should pay attention to this, when writing about Taiwan. Many of the conventions and guidelines you’ve been using are now debunked.

One of them was “US acknowledged Taiwan is a part of China” < – plain wrong.
What was true was “US acknowledged that China’s position is that such as such is part of China.”

However, that was China’s position, and not US Position. US has US position, China has China’s position. So now you have it, US State Department URL included.


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How will Beijing Biden react?

The US position is retarded. If they truly believe this then why not have full diplomatic relations with Taiwan as if it’s a country. It’s funny that these idiots are still doing their China Bad bullshit even after they got their ass kicked in the election. Just fucking clowns

Actually, the U.S. position is

“the United States acknowledges that Chinese on either side of the Taiwan Strait maintain there is but one China and that Taiwan is a part of China. The United States does not challenge that position.”

No, you see, that would still be China’s position.
that = “that the Chinese think/claim/say…”
that = Chinese position.

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Have I shown you Zivotofsky vs Clinton (aka Zivotofsky vs Kerry)?

Well I suppose it is because, just because US doesn’t recognize Taiwan to be a part of China, it doesn’t necessarily mean US MUST have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan. For example, wouldn’t you say that US does not have formal diplomatic relations with DPRK (a.k.a North Korea). But can you therefore claim just because of that, then US therefore considers the territory north of 38th parallel to be part of South Korea? No.

The US is trying to walk a thin line between not acknowledging Taiwan as an independent country and not accepting it as part of the PRC in hopes that the problem will be kicked down the road. More power to them, but don’t expect too much.