US student loan crisis

He wouldn’t have, probably. But he also isn’t president nor did he promise to do so immediately during his campaign like Biden. I’m also not sure why Trump has brought into this.

A 0 interest bill. I hope this gets some traction. From Senator Whitehouse not The Whitehouse


may be vetoed

Easy send their kids to study in Australia where we don’t waste time on general studies and have cheaper tuition

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I’ll be very surprised if Biden resumes loans before election if he can’t get loan forgiveness done.

Part of me likes the British system where a PPE degree and good public schooling makes one well versed in the classics. That being said, picking up the Sheilas in Noosa requires being from a certain income bracket that general studies just can’t meet :laughing:

Well my lad did fine in Sydney. Married his gf a year after he finished his JD Law degree. They met in his first semester of undergrad double major 4 years. She was at TAFE. They met in the first few months he moved to Australia.

JD Law at UNSW was only A40k a year tuition only. Three years of that plus living costs. :slight_smile:
He told me UNSW means U no see whities. When you go there you will understand lol

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Students aren’t the only people in America who need free money. If Biden is really serious about being re-elected by a comfortable margin he needs to offer free money - and lots of it - to a lot more voters.