US student wins TW sponsored singing contest … 2003471603

Good job singing in mandarin and all that.


Good job singing in Mandarin and all that.[/quote]

Yes, they were impressed…so impressed that they had to point out the “wonders”(Gasp) of her abilities :unamused:

[quote]Williams, who began learning Chinese soon after entering university, speaks fluent Mandarin and (emphasis mine: GASP) filled in her contest application form in Chinese.

she’s gonna be like this chic who did the same in Korea:

OH I saw on youtube a rendition of a wonder girls song by her. Shes pretty doggone good. Doggone cute too.

Wow, now posts are being copy edited? :loco: She’s okay…But she has lots of fans on several Asian American websites. Wish her all the best…

She’s pretty, she sings well enough, and she obviously can dance. I think she’ll do all right. … re=related

she does this one really good too

And this little doggie wants to get in on the action too :slight_smile: … re=related