US suit challenges right to report political slurs

Today’s New York Times has a very interesting article on the bizarre mouthings of politicians and how this relates to freedom of the press.

The incident took place in the United States, but it’s hard not to be reminded of Taiwan (except that here politicians have a get out of jail free card).

Suit Challenges Right to Report Political Slurs

cranky, we have to register to get into that site? how much does it cost? VISA okay?

It’s free, and registration only takes a couple of minutes. I would recommend it.

Thanks, poagoa, i will go there now.

as a newcomer to taiwan, can you elaborate on how this reminds you of taiwan? has there been a challenge to the right to report here as well?

sorry, i must ask as an ignorant american (gosh, there’s so many of us!!!)

Politicians in Taiwan are known for making bizarre accusations and making unsubstantiated and inappropriate personal attacks. Almost never does anything bad happen to them for this. Indeed, they are basically immune from prosecution for anything. :?

For examples of weird outbursts, look at the newspapers almost any day of the week. Here’s something from today: Legislator threatens to quit. It’s only unusual for being relatively mild and in that many legislators actually protested the outburst.