US/Taiwan Dual with Tai Bao Zheng

i’m a US/Taiwan dual citizenship and i’m about to head off to shanghai to do an internship for 6 months so i’m getting the tai bao zheng. however, since it’s my first time, i can only apply for a single entry 3 month valid permit. i would also like to travel internationally during my internship since traveling within asia is considered cheap and affordable. however, how can i do that with a single entry? is there any possible way for me to convert this to a multiple entry? and if not, can i still travel with my US passport since most countries don’t require a visa for US citizens and come back to shanghai and get another tai bao zheng at the airport?

I think so. I think you need to get a registration of temporary residence from your local police station (resist the urge to cross out the 中國 on your nationality - [strike]中國[/strike]台灣). Then go to the entry-exit bureau in Pudong to convert.

I think this is possible too.