US week in Carrefour

For those looking for stuff from “home” this US week in Carrefour starting on the 3rd might be a good tip if you haven’t already heard about it. “Loads” of organic food and some otherwise slightly harder to find stuff should be in stock.
Me, I’m going to get some frozen cheese cake, it was pretty good last time and cheaper than the stuff I can make here. :smiley:

Did they have maple syrop and peanut butter (not together of course)?

Oh, so that’s where all the trans-fat went.

Peanut butter, peanut and plain is just about everywhere.
Maple syrup is difficult to find outside of DIY baking stores. However, if you can find some flavoring, try 2 parts sugar to one part water. Boil and at the last moment, pour in some maple flavoring. I like also to add some corn syrup but it is about as difficult to find here as maple syrup. The watery corn syrup used as sweetener here is simply not the same. A tablespoon of molasses if you have it. If not, no problem. I know many Canadians will cringe at the thought of using flavoring but . . . . . when was the last time you saw a maple tree?
BTW, if you like rum, try the same recepie using real rum. Damn good cakes in the am. No alcohol because it boils off quickly and just leaves the flavor.

Organic maple syrup grade A, 249 nts

Organic peanut butter, runchy and creamy, 149 nts

(want an extra catalogue?)

The new catalog will be on their website from tomorrow if you didn’t get one in the post.
They’ll also have organic mexican style food, frozen raspberries and that all important mac & cheese from what I’ve gathered that americans like.
On top of that it looks like they’ll have two kinds of hamburger helper, chicken sandwich spread, organic baby food, flavourite maple syrup at NT$89, panner crunchy and creamy peanut butter at NT$69 a jar and frozen waffles at NT$69 a box. There’s also Deryer’s icream at NT$179, loads of Hershey’s chocolate and boulder chips with strange flavours like balsamic vinegar and rosemary…
And let’s not forget Brut for Men aftershave :smiley:

If you’re really picky about your maple syrup, then Breeze super tends to have stock of some really expensive stuff, at over NT$1000 for some of it.

Hmmm. Organic Mexican? Actual ingredients or pre-packed junk?
I DO like those Boulder crisps, though. They’ve had those for a number of weeks now. Jalapeno and cheese are the best ones. Go ahead! Make yourself into a fat pig! You KNOW you want to!

I was in Carrefoure in Zhonghe Sunday and picked up some Delirium Tremens and some Old Speckled Hen and some Abbot Ale. The Delirium Tremens was too expensive at 125NT a bottle though.

It’s all frozen pre-packed junk apart from the white corn tortilla chips and at NT$99 per 283g bag… They’ll also have chipotle salsa and fire-roasted tomato salsa for NT$89 per 453g jar.
And especially for you sandman, they also got organic tins of kidney and black beans for NT$58 per 425g can, which is actually not bad compared to what Jasons charge for the same stuff.
They also got money off packs of Rose private stock sandwich meats, but the price will depend on what you get, although it looks like there will be some choice with at least turkey breast, cured boneless ham, smoked ham, canadian bacon or possibly ham, and something that ends with steaks but looks like ham… Hard to tell from the pictures, so I guess you just have to go to your local store and have a look.
Blueberry muffin mix, pancake mix and chocolate chip cookie mix is also part of the deal alongside some american beer and wine.
Oh, and I almost forgot the marshmallow zebras…

Chipotle and fire-roasted tomato salsa is worth the trip for me. Plus the beans. I always buy as many cans of beans as I can find when they’ve got them on the shelves.
I quite like the Carrefour near me in Xindian these days. I edited a massive Carrefour presentation a couple of years ago where they were seeking ways to imrove from their old, fusty, narrow aisles, terrible layout, crap selections, etc.
It’s good to see that they actually seem to have paid attention to it.

Yeah, I figured you were big on beans, Matsusei is usually cheaper than the other places in Taiwan for at least Kidney beans and they’re ok for white beans in tomato sauce. For some reason Breeze super is charging NT$110 for a can of Lidl beans in tomato sauce and considering that Lidl is a budget brand in Europe, it’s kind of a laugh.

Any jimmy dean pancake wrapped sausage?

did carrefour stop carrying young coconuts? Been there twice in last 6 months, and mei-you.