USA 50%off 美國折扣網

I need a new shirt so I searched for Ralph Lauren on google and this website came up. Has anyone ordered from here?

Would you recommend?

If in Taipei and in need of marked-down brand-name clothing, jackets, etc., I would try:
Decades ago bought a perfect London Fog trenchcoat for like equivalent US$50-60.
Still in excellent shape.

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Thanks. I need a new shirt because I’ve put on weight. I said Ralph Lauren because the shirts I have from them have lasted me well and I know the feel/look. Other brands/ non brands would be acceptable but I can’t order online as confidently.

That place been around since early-1990s or earlier.
From what I can tell, they just get the over-stock of clothing firms in Asia that do OEM for the brand-names. There may be some kinks in them, but not all. Just check the whole shirt/clothing for quality. They have lots of inventory, generally. Even a basement level where there is more.
You may end up buying more than what you came for if prices are still cheap, from what I remember.