USA and gun control


What kind of gutless wimpy liberals would try and deny people their Second Amendment Rights by turning them into disarmed targets in a gun-free zone?


ACU founded and hosts the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the birthplace of modern conservatism. CPAC combines ideas with action to leverage the strength of thousands of grass-roots activists to break through the resistance of Washington’s powerful elites. [/quote]

The place for right-wing wackos to see and be seen.

Especially check out this presentation

[quote]Thank Goodness For Guns In America: A
• Kimberly Corban
• Chris Cox,
National Rifle Association
• Sheriff David Clarke,
Milwaukee, WI
• Mercedes Schlapp
, Cove Strategi [/quote]

Please note : NO GUNS ALLOWED!!!

Strange, since if anyplace would be a prime target for crazed liberal progressive radical pro-baby-killing police- and Second Amendment-hating Black-Lives-Matter-And-White-Lives-Don’t ISIS-Illegal-Mexican-Ebola-toting-Guatemalan-terrorist Anchor-baby SJWs, this would be it.

Don’t they know the only thing that will stop an evil Leftist with a gun is 10,000 armed right-wing Rightists with guns?

It’s almost as if that’s what they’re afraid of.


While I’m still disappointed about all those wimpy-assed Republicans who let themselves be pushed around by the Secret Service about open-carry at the Convention- whatever happened to freedom? the Second Amendment?- here’s some good news on the “the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” front:

[quote]Armed hate group met at Texas mosque protest by gun-toting worshipers

Shout-out to the Nation of Islam, New Black Panthers, and the Huey P. Newton Gun Club.

And see?- nothing bad happened. An inspiration for future demonstrations. What could possibly go wrong? … orshipers/


A blow to the death merchants!

I’m sure they’ll be all right in the end, on account of:


A strange new respect for gun rights…

The shoe is on the other foot.


Gee America sounds like a real nice country.


I carry a toothpick, that’s enough to kill you!


Retarded country.
Afraid of everything around them including their own cops. Can’t say boo to each other.


Why doesn’t America just go ahead and issue guns at birth and amend the constitution so you have to carry a gun on your person at all times. Seems to be the underlying logic anyway.


What happens when everybody has a gun ?

Concealed flamethrower permits?
A bit bulky perhaps.


You can probably find my grandmothers family’s shoe at the holocaust memorial. They didn’t have the right or ability to defend themselves. My wife’s family caught hell during the cultural revolution. one of the first things the Chinese did was outlaw private ownership of guns. anyone been to see the boneyards of Cambodia, piles of hands in the Belgium Congo or the machete hacking in Rawanda.
I know, I know it will probably never happen here because America has a great record of treating marginalized people fine if they disarm. Something to remember during black history month. oh yea, most black males in America are not allowed to carry or often even posses a firearm to defend themselves. That statement is provable if anyone wants to look it up.

When my anti trump friends were literally crying because they though trump was going to round up lgbt people and immigrants and put them in concentration camps, I told them to come to my house and I will protect them:grin:. Having guns means not having to be scared of whose in charge.


And a bar fight erupts over who gets the peanuts or popcorn?

And the kids in the house start playing with it and kill the other siblings. Interesting.

There is not such thing as ‘responsible’ gun owner ship in the US. In Germany it is, have a look at that.

"Current laws
After 1945, even German police officers were initially not allowed to carry firearms. Private ownership of firearms was not allowed until 1956. The legal status returned essentially to that of the Law on Firearms and Ammunition of 1928. The law was thoroughly revised in 1972, when the new restrictive Federal Weapons Act (Bundeswaffengesetz) became effective, partly as a reaction to the terror of the Red Army Faction.[13] It was developed in the Federal Weapons Act of 2002 and by amendments in 2008 and 2009. These laws were the result of a chain of school shootings in Erfurt, Emsdetten and Winnenden. They led to a public debate, in which blame was attributed to various elements of youth culture and society, including violent computer games, television programs, rock music and private gun ownership.[14]

The Weapons Act of 2002 increased the age requirements for licensed hunters and competition shooters. It also introduced the requirement of a psychological evaluation for persons under the age of 25 to fulfil the requirement of personal adequacy for large-bore firearms.

The first amendment became effective on April 1, 2008. The intention of that amendment was to ban certain kinds of weapons like airsoft-guns, tasers, imitation firearms (Anscheinswaffen) and knives with blades longer than 12 cm from public places. They may still be carried in sealed wrappings and for professional or ceremonial purposes. Their use on private premises and in non-public places like gun clubs is not restricted.

The second amendment became effective on July 17, 2009. It introduced routine verifications of safe firearms storage by local firearms control offices at the homes of licensees. It also tightened the conditions for continuous necessity. A constitutional complaint (Verfassungsbeschwerde) was launched against the law, alleging a violation of the inviolability of the home, guaranteed by Art. 13 of the German constitution.[15]

The weapons law does not apply to military use of weapons within the Bundeswehr or to the police. The identity cards of German troops and police officers contain a term allowing them to carry weapons. Nonetheless – within the military – issuance of guns and especially ammunition is very strictly controlled.

In Germany the possession of any firearm with a muzzle energy exceeding 7.5 Joule (~5.5 ft·lbf; for comparison, a .22LR cartridge has a muzzle energy of 159 J) requires a valid firearms ownership license for any particular weapon. The current Federal Weapons Act adopts a two-tiered approach to firearms licensing.

The law on possession of suppressors follows the firearms they are designed for; if a firearm does not require a license, neither does its suppressor.

The only restriction on magazines for firearms in Germany applies to sports shooters: it is unlawful to use a magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition when sports shooting in Germany. The acquisition and possession of any magazine of any size for any firearm is legal without a license.

Firearms ownership license
A firearms ownership license (Waffenbesitzkarte or WBK), or an entry to an existing WBK, is mandatory for each weapon purchased. It entitles owners to purchase firearms and handle them on their own property and any private property with the property owner’s consent. On public premises, a licensed firearm must be transported unloaded and in a stable, fully enclosing, locked container. A weapons ownership license does not entitle the owner to shoot the weapon or carry it on public premises without the prescribed container. Owners must obtain mandatory insurance and a means to securely store the weapon on their premises (a weapons locker). Blanket ownership licenses are issued to arms dealers, firearms experts and – with limitations – to collectors. In 2010 there were about four million legal private gun owners.[16]

A number of criteria must be met before a firearms ownership license is issued:

age 18 years (§ 4 WaffG)
trustworthiness (§ 5 WaffG)
personal adequacy (§ 6 WaffG)
expert knowledge (§ 7 WaffG) and
necessity (§ 8 WaffG)."


I think the Germans might have been overcompensating for something


Well done, you’ve played the Nazi card, the Mao card, hell you’ve played every damn card in the pack including the Rwandan machete card.

No idea what your point is…guns solve the evils of the world? Have another think.


where I live everyone has firearms and the crime rate is less than 1/2 the nations average. discount suicides and criminal on criminal crime and it drops to almost none. I live on the outskirts of a major metropolitan area. most gun crime is criminal on criminal, suicides or armed criminal against easy unarmed targets. I get it that guns scare a lot of people. It ok to be scared of something you are unfamiliar with. I for one am terrified of soduku and npr.


My point is, to me guns are just things you have in your house to protect yourself from bad people. I grew up with them, carried one for 6 years in the Marine corp, and still train weekly in case of zombie attacks.We use guns to kill bad people who are trying to do really really bad things.
I cant dumb it down any further,
oh wait I can,
Why do I want a gun? I might need to kill a mother fu*ker one day and I don’t want to have to use a stick.

My Taiwanese wife got her US concealed carry weapons permit today

I think we can all agree it’s a good thing Taiwan has gun control. Just imagine the carnage if all the kamikaze scooter and car drivers were armed. I’d need a gun for sure then.


my goodness I forgot how much fun this forum is


I don’t think hand guns and semi-automatic rifles fit the bill anymore when it comes to keeping the government honest… I think all citizens should instead receive training in advanced weapons systems like shoulder-fired ground-to-air missiles and explosives. That makes more sense.


Which is still high!

Where I live and used to live crime rate is pretty low compared to the US and no one has a fire arm!


And this can be amended as the Germans did, twice!