USA and gun control


Aren’t most gun deaths self inflicted or accidents.
I read something along those lines before anyway.

I like shooting guns, I don’t see the need to walk around with one on my person or in my car. Seems pretty extreme to me personally. Also very very risky as I have kids. The problem with guns is they are too powerful and indiscriminate . It would be better to have a weapon that incapacitates an individual rather than kills. They are a poor technological solution that create a negative feedback cycle of fear.

Say you live beside that dodgy temperamental neighbour . He starts shooting out the back yard as target practice . Then one day he just loses it. Ticking time bombs.


well good for you but we have other problems besides guns. I agree the gun culture has changed for the worse. Lots of jackasses out there.
I really do believe in gun laws and gun control but the anti gunners are making what many many of the population consider uninformed biased gun laws based on fear and the plan to make incremental steps to gun bans completely. this is not cool. I mean, banning bayonet lugs on rifles!! that’s just stupid. Yea we don’t need them but they are not a problem. We actually have pretty good gun laws if they are followed. for instance there is no punishment for a felon who trys to buy a gun and is turned down.

And this can be amended as the Germans did, twice!

The last time they tried that Trump got elected. Wanna try again? believe it or not it can get worse


I’m not against owning a firearm, gun or hunting rifle, sports rifle. But as in Germany it should be strictly controlled. Idiots and Rambo’s should not get one.


The gun issue is a multivariable problem: keeping government in its place, personal security and eliminating random acts of firearm mayhem. The current situation only solves one of these problems and gun control would only solve one so neither are worthy of being considered solutions.

The solution to all three, in my view, is a well-regulated militia, rather than the unregulated free-for-all that exists today. So, yes, you can own guns but you’ve got to sign up for two years active service in the well-regulated militia and undergo extensive training and vetting in the process, which is what ‘well-regulated’ entails. To keep your right to bear arms you would need to undergo regular annual service of a month or so, plus one weekend a month wherever bearing arms to keep the peace and ensure domestic tranquility was needed. That sort of commitment should weed out the nuts, posers, criminals and amateurs who are causing the bulk of the problems these days while putting the government on notice that the populace wasn’t a bunch of pushovers.


Since Americans have an unshakable faith in the idea that guns keep their neighbours and the government on the straight and narrow, despite all the evidence that reality throws at them, the “well-regulated militia” idea sounds like an excellent compromise. The only problem I can see is that the nuts, posers, amateurs etc will STILL insist on their divine right to own a gun regardless of competence, because, like, the Constitution.


It seems to me that talking to a lot of Americans about gun control issues is like talking to mainland Chinese about Taiwan independence. The general reaction is the same: you don’t understand the culture or the background to the issue, “Taiwan has always been a part of China” or “The right to bear arms is enshrined in the Constitution” (with the implication that that means its a done deal). To an outsider both these responses speak rather loudly of a general population who have been thoroughly brainwashed by the powers-that-be to hold up a common line of reasoning. I may be wrong but that’s what it looks like.


Just quote the 2nd Amendment to them when they demand to keep and bear arms without membership in a well-regulated militia. Case closed.

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed


When the well regulated militia become something like Nazis or Mao, what unarmed people can do?


Perhaps you’d have to go spend time with someone in the US who grew up in a rural area around guns first to understand us? My folks hunted for food and take pride in caring for the environment. The media doesn’t show this side of America because the headlines are not sensational.


the purpose of owing guns is to hunt, which is different from owing for protection. For hunting, some taiwanese are also allowed to own firearms, iirc.


The thing is though, there are rural populations in every other country that manage to do what needs doing without owning guns. Certainly guns can be useful in that context - it’s probably the most humane way to kill, say, a pig - but once you exclude guns as a possibility, human inventiveness comes up with other solutions.

The US has a woeful record of environmental stewardship, in large part because they have such a love affair with big, powerful, destructive machines. Very few American farmers actually give a rat’s ass about, say, soil conservation. Sometimes, having your toys taken away forces you to think about what you’re trying to achieve and why.



I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.:neutral_face:


So you don’t have any rebuttal?

It’s often very hard to see your own culture from the inside. One of the nicest side-effects of living in different countries is that you get to see how other people do things differently and what the results are. Many of the things that I didn’t question in my home country, or accepted as “the right way to do things”, I now view as dysfunctional, pointless, or inefficient. That’s not because I necessarily think Taiwan does those things any better, but simply because I acquired a new perspective on the underlying issues.

Americans who grew up around guns don’t question their necessity the same way people don’t question cars or dentists or flush toilets. They’re just part of the scenery. Telling foreigners “you don’t understand us” does not help address your problem. You need to understand yourselves.


Yeah we foreigners don’t understand guns even though we invented them . Then these foreigners brought their gun culture to the US and Americas to use it to subjugate the natives and keep the slaves under control as well as hunting and self protection .
But America has now brought the gun to a whole new level, I will give America that ! Ar15 available at your local gunstore (it’s okay though cos we are now banning bump stocks…Phew ).

Millions and millions of guns distributed and the whole place worse off for it.
Why does somebody need to carry a gun around with them everywhere ? Is it like Somalia in your neighbourhood?

Am not attacking anybody here just putting in my two cents don’t shoot the messenger. :sweat_smile:


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You think we dont know what guns are. My family has a collection of guns older than your country ya dumb ass :).


I’m sorry Mr. Dead Tree, but case not closed. :frowning:

Textual discrepancies aside, who’s supposed to regulate the militia(s)?