USA and gun control


Btw in liking Finley’s post (something I don’t do very often!), I’m not disagreeing with you about agreeing to disagree. I just think his point about perspectives is a good one for all of us to consider. :slight_smile:


Okay, so maybe textual discrepancies do render the relationships between “the natural rights of self-defense, resistance to oppression, and the civic duty to act in concert in defense of the state” embodied in the 2nd Amendment too ambiguous in a modern context to enforce. I’ll just fix that by becoming an activist and doing what I think is right even though I’m an unelected, unaccountable individual with an ideological agenda. The law can just catch up to me later. I hereby declare that henceforth only members of a well-regulated militia get to keep and bear arms. I’ll even take over jurisdictional control of said militias to settle the ‘Who gets to regulate militias?’ issue because being a government unto myself is so much fun. Case now closed due to precedence!


I think you’re saying relax, stop worrying, my militia will be so well regulated that it will never become a government itself (like Tando seemed to be implying earlier) and therefore you will never need a sub-militia to defend against the main militia. The problem is I’m never sure where your sarcasm ends and your plan for world domination begins. :idunno:


There seems to be a common thread through US history: fear. Americans seem to crave something or someone to be afraid of, and either a hero or a security blanket to save them from it. There’s always a bogeyman lurking around the corner. I don’t think this is the fault of Hollywood (they just picked up on it and turned it into entertainment). It’s a constant theme pretty much from the settler days. I wonder if it’s some deep racial memory that’s been propagated from immigrants who were basically all running away from something?


I see it as more of a deeply ingrained messiah complex, in God we trust style. The bogeyman is just a necessary ingredient for justifying the regular deployment of the military industrial messiah complex.


I haven’t even started on my plan for world domination yet. I’m still trying to figure out what to do about gun violence versus the right to self-defense.


Agreed. People are entitled to their views. Our views are so far apart so I don’t see what else can be said. Respectful dialogue is important because people do change their minds. What Finley sees as fear, I see as self-reliance.


Cross post. :slight_smile:


I take it your poking fun at 2nd Amendment militias is your way of saying it’s not possible for anything to be well-regulated if it poses a challenge to the absolute authority of the central government because that would be a contradiction in terms. Your self-described penchant for keeping dossiers on other posters’ comments is another clue.



how do we sleep at night?


I take it there is no room for humor in your well-regulated utopia. In that respect, you remind me of a famous Iranian.


Decrypting your humor doesn’t makes me a mathematician of Omar Khayyam’s stature by a long shot.


L O L. Did he say that? I was thinking of a different Iranian.


Decrypting your humor is challenge enough without having to be a mind reader too.


I meant the 20th century fellow who said “there is no room for humor in the one true religion” or words to that effect (defying thousands of years of Iranian culture).

I am sincere, btw, every time I wish you a pleasant day. :bowing:


You think we dont know what guns are. My family has a collection of guns older than your country ya dumb ass :).

That would mean your family has a collection of matchlocks or flintlocks at the best. That’s not going to help you very much during a zombie attack.
Call us the next time you get invaded by a tiny country and we’ll send you some modern guns.


Another great day in the history of US gun control. Kudos all round. :cactus:


Better add some context for people reading this in the future. :2cents:


17 school kids.


ahh crap

btw most of us don’t have problems with gun control just gun bans
.thats all I have to say about this.