USA and gun control


Mick, what do you want me to say. I explain why I don’t want Trump, and you characterize my opinion as being that of “just a never Trumper”. Hence my response, which reflects my honest lack of understanding of why you would characterize my opinion in that way. You also accused me of potentially having an “extreme reluctance to admit facts” which is pretty close to calling me a liar in my book. You tell me I should reconsider my path, but do you really think you’re taking some high path here?

Loads. Take your pick. His policies, domestic and foreign. His gutting of important agencies and legislation. His stance on health insurance. His insane wall. His fascist inclinations, openly stated. His attacks on the media. His disgusting attitude towards his political opponents. His hypocritical pandering to the religious right. The people he’s put in. His constant stupidity. He’s done almost nothing I agree with. When he says even something I remotely agree with, it’s like a miracle or something. I think it happened once. I can’t listen to him speak for more than a few seconds. The stupidity and dishonesty just ooze out of him. He’s obviously unsuited for this office. Should I go on? I still don’t understand why you won’t accept my honest disregard for him.

Looking at this FBI stuff a bit. First take: some people will believe anything. Gee it’s not like Trump and his lackeys have any vendetta against them now is it. Your bias is showing.


Tempo, I’m with you on Donnie having a below-average IQ and being a disagreeable buffoon in general. (If he didn’t have Ivanka, I doubt he would have made it!) And I’m also worried about the possible side effects of finasteride.

But remember what they said about Gary? “At least he won’t get us into a war over Aleppo.”

You see what I mean? Being clever isn’t always a good thing, and that works in the other direction too. :2cents:


This again?!

Dude, I’m already out of unicorns. Now you’re trying to rid me of rainbows too! :roll:

Yeah, peasants can be so snobbish… :face_with_monocle:


I guarantee you, right now in a parallel universe where Donnie lost in 2016 you are still talking about him. :grandpa:


Hey TG !!. I see your viewpoint and I see your reasons for your hatred of Trump,but you are getting close to describing anyone who agrees with him or his policies, as deplorable or stupid . That would be bigotry , the absolute definition. That is not good , even if people wind you up, they are entitled to that view…EVEN if they may be proved wrong later.
" I don’t care if any of that is true, I don’t want Trump", whatever your “context” seems to be a bit of a strange thing for you to say.
This issue really polarizes everyone but you are better than this TG.
Don’t stop posting your opinions because of frustration , some of us enjoy a debate and other opinions. Anyway, take a deep breath.


Back on topic (USA and why gun control is a terrible idea)


No, who?

No. Please explain sir


Um what? I am? How? Should I only say nice things about him from now on to be safe?

Of course they are. I don’t see how anything I said could be construed otherwise. Believe me, if I wanted to say that I’m capable of making it clear :slight_smile:

I don’t think so at all. The context is key here. Let’s say those things were true, hypothetically. That would mean we had actual problems that had to be fixed right? And that we would need to fix them. If so Trump would not be that person for me. Frankly, I don’t care WHAT the problem was, expect maybe I needed someone to run a casino scam or something like that. Trump would not be the person. I don’t see what the issue is there

Yeah I think this is as good as it gets on this one my friend.

I won’t :slight_smile: Ahhhhhhh! Cheers


Tempo’s Aleppo moment: Who is Gary? :smile:

Which would you rather have as your God-Emperor: an evil genius or… Trump?

(I’m not saying Hillary is an evil genius – this is just theoretical.)


I forgot about him! He got pretty weird this election but I like Gary. The Aleppo thing was unfortunate for him but not a Rick Perry moment in my book. I’m a bit unclear about what you’re asking me though, if anything. Are you actually asking me to choose between a hypothetical evil genius and Trump?


Well, yes.


I need more information about the evil genius.


How about Bush/Cheney vs Trump/Pence?


How about… a smarter version of Rowland? :smiling_imp:


I wasn’t a big Bush hater. Look back at my posts here about him. I preferred him to Kerry.




ah, I hated Bush Sr. Bush/Cheney and Kerry…all cut from the same Henry Kissinger cloth (along with Clintons). I knew he(the architect of the Vietnam War and the supporter of Pol Pot) would lead us to endless war in the Middle East to prop Saudi Arabia’s regime and ensure steady oil.


You see, @Mick? You just need to show Temp the similarities between Hillary and Rollo. :slight_smile:


I have no problem acknowledging all the baggage Trump has or when he’s an ass or blaming him for inflammatory twitter posts or whatever.

To not acknowledge he is facing the most hostile MSM in my memory or that the entire establishment which includes law enforcement agencies do not want him as president is just being plain stupid or blind.

Washington is one big machine, comprised of smaller machines, the MSM, the Clinton machine, the DNC machine, the RNC machine, the Chamber of Commerce machine the lobby group machine. There are literally trillions of dollars on the line and when someone like Ron Paul comes along, it doesn’t even need to get into first gear to churn him up and spit him out. Trump has the entire machine in fifth gear and doing it’s best to get rid of him and if he had lost, they would have tore him to pieces and made sure no one ever tried question the political elite again, and they are still trying, there is no Russian investigation, there’s a destroy Trump program with a massive team trying to destroy anyone and anyone closely related to Trump, the implications of that are boggling, but the never Trumpers are so fueled with hate, they can’t see why that might be a problem and cheer on in delight.

And Tempo asks “oh what was he up against?”, thats beyond the pale.


Mick I think you’re totally wrong on all of this, can’t you understand that? To me, it looks like your love of Trump has you cooking up all these weird internet-fueled scenarios against him. To me, it’s just so much bullshit. Trump is doing things that make people hate him include having a vendetta against the press, trying to suppress any action against him etc. He’s just trying to put in his own, shittier machine. The idea that he’s somehow our protector against the “establishment”, the big bad old MSM from Alex Jones land, the “political elite”–now that’s stupid, no one is that blind.


You’re right though shiadoa, some of my language has been too inflammatory on this. That’s not my norm and I don’t intend it to be. I’ve mostly stayed out of Trump threads since the election to avoid it and probably should get back to that. I struggle to use more appropriate language when talking about these people, and may slip again, but I’ll back it down a few notches.