USA and gun control


So it’s not just a men’s thing…

Deebly concerned.


The USA might have a vegan problem.

People who seem to care way too much about animal rights are compensating for something. Some of them compensating less effectively than others. Transference doesn’t always transfer.

Meat isn’t murder. Murder is murder.

Oh, and a certain region of the world seems to breed dangerous crazies for some reason.


I know, right? If Europe hadn’t been such a mess in the 17th century the US might look a lot different today.




Today’s Daily Rowlandism™: knife attacks in the UK are caused by the subconscious urges of US vegans. :upside_down_face:


The Annoying Orange would agree.


It’s fun to open about 10 annoying orange videos at the same time and let them play at high volume. The noise is pretty amazing.

Still not as annoying as a Trump speech though :boy:


AR15 again (waffle killer) , was returned to the family.


??? Waffle killer?


It’s pretty much common knowledge that you take your life into your own hands whenever you set foot in a Waffle House. That said, the guy who burned his hands grabbing the killer’s rifle barrel is a hero.


Ah, that one. Yep.

I was thinking “who is he calling waffle killer? someone who eats too many waffles?”


To the rest of the patrons in the restaurant he may as well have been Superman .


If you think the gun-loving 2nd amendment nutjobs on this forum are full of shit then click like


Carry on


Another school massacre. Another day in the USA.


Texas needs more guns.
This is obvious, isn’t it?


It is mindblowing that parents would actually have to worry about their kids dying over GSW at school in this country. I will never know how a society can get itself to such a state.


They are hailing that the armed trained guards were able to defend off the attack. Only 10 fatalities out of 1200, not bad they say.

Trump giving the customary «thoughts and prayers» bs allegedly condolences speech looked so uncomfortable. Reading through the carefully weighted words obviously not written by him as if his dentures were about to fall and his diarrhea to break through the wedgie in his underpants.


Stupid guy tried two car-jackings in a Walmart parking lot; everyone knows many “deplorables” shop there and likely have concealed carry permits.

“There were three civilians going after him to shoot him and two of them had their guns up and then the third guy shot him through the window of the car.”


Question: Why when I click the link does it not automatically open in a new window?

Oh, and I am late to the party, but is this the never ending thread of good gun bad gun? :idunno: