USA and gun control


Good for the privately armed citizens who took this dirtbag out! Could have been much worse. Still no update on the man he had shot in the neck and shoulder. He’s currently in critical condition at Harborview in Seattle where he was airlifted.


It’s a little more nuanced than that, but basically.


I’m feeling generous toward gun grabbers. Shall we have a thread for people who definitely should NOT be allowed to have guns? Start with that FBI agent in the disco.


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Which one?


I reckon the solution is for kids to stay away from school and stay home playing computer games.


No, everyone should just stay home playing video games.


There’s more than one? Wouldn’t surprise me. Anyway:

“People whose guns should be grabbed.” New thread, or no?


“j’ai dit souvent que tout le malheur des hommes vient d’une seule chose, qui est de ne savoir pas demeurer en repos dans une chambre.”


Mooching about indoors certainly has a lot to be said for it.


No irony here. This is the sort of people the gun grabbers are. They’re not against guns, they’re just against people other than themselves having guns.


He seems to collect antique and vintage guns, he had them on display in his office.
Plus he’s an ex cop.

As usual half facts and half truths.


When their side does it, any excuse is acceptable.

No one man needs that many guns. But I wouldn’t object to him having such an arsenal if only he would permit others the same privilege. Every gun he has in his possession is a gun someone else does not have, and that seems to be the whole point.


Is there a cap on # guns, or why don’t they just manufacture more? Or is there something special about his guns, and you want those specifically ?


I want the same right to have those guns as he wants for himself.

Actually having the guns is mostly theoretical. The point is these people want to have all the guns, and we all know what that means.


But, he owns those guns, They are his guns, why can’t yoi get some other guns?

Guns shouldn’t be socialised, everyone should get their own ar 15


I think the point is he wants all the guns. Like all 830 babillion of them, crammed into his office.


Rowland wants them all or the guy who had some old guns ?