USA bank stocks, one went up 80% in a day

Saw this one went up 81% on Friday (one day!), missed out. Any other fast growing banks that will erect fast? This bank very volatile. So any other banks you think get high gains? I saw lots of bank stocks fall but some should grow again?

Regional banks are casino now. As Buffett recently said fear is contagious. Fear is not a rational feeling. I would wait before investing in this sector, situation, is not yet so severe for the Fed to interact. Franky situation makes it easier to fight inflation. A bet now could be a bet against the Fed.

Give another or two more bankruptcy and lower price of KRE etf I would consider long term put or leverage ETF. PacWest can go down in few days. It just takes a bit of panic.

Picking up one bank instead whole sector, is very risky non rewarding play. You can’t predict where bank run might happen.


Thanks for your nice review! Maybe besides USA I will look for € banks, need study that.

Short as much bank stock as you can.

That is too risky for me!


This did not go up because it’s a fast growing bank. It went up because it dropped ~80% on the recent bank runs, but has partially recovered (still down ~50% from recent prices, down 80% from peak) from the panic.

There’s plenty of stocks dropping all the time that you can try to catch a bounce on. I caught a nice bounce on Google. Snap not so good. How much of a risk you willing to take. :smiley:

MP looks bottomy so I picked up some more. Still way down but hey man, blood definitely in the water now. :shark:

I took some risk, got ZION at 24, also was looking at EastWest Bank in Los Angeles

Im not doing banks right now. I’ll wait until they started printing money again.

I tried, in longer term will see. On paper bank is sound, as long no panic

What goes up must come down.

My ZION bank stock is up 12% yesterday ! Lost a lot if your short banks

Blind optimism.

I cashed out last night at 30, 20% gain in 2 weeks(NT$138,000).

People only ever tell you if they win at gambling.

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ha, I see it as under priced stock that is a bank!

The best investment strategy: buy low sell high.

Bah. Not if you short stocks.

Buy a house and refinance every 15 years, replace the roof or appliances and whatnot, and keep it in the family. Generational wealth right there.

Generation wealth? This is so Taiwanese.