USA Get My Payment Tool: "Try Again Later" for Foreign Address!

I’m surprised there wasn’t a blown up thread about this (or I’m bad at keyword searching), but what the heck? I found this:

…and a few other Reddit posts that are similar. I can’t find a single person (and neither can my CPA) that successfully used the IRS tool that has a foreign address. So many infinite combinations of what could be used and the tool is very sensitive. In my case, I moved, so I don’t know if it’s looking for my old or new one.

After 3 failed attempts, your SSN is locked out for 24hr, so it’s hard to even make deductions/combinations.

I haven’t had a tax refund since college, where it deposited to a bank account that may or may not exist, anymore. I remember I was on food stamps back then (tough times) and the bank wanted to charge me $100 to close my account, so I just left a penny inside. Then even worse - if it’s closed, it may go to my old place (I just moved), IF it even makes it there.

Just a bunch of chaotic uncertainty. Has anyone been successful? If so, what address formatting did you use? Is it CaSe sensitive?


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